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Made during TOJam 8 (2013), Entropy is a short puzzle game where the player has to get past a computer overlord that is able to detect the entropy of the player's actions relative to the non-playable characters in the game.

The world has been trapped inside an Atari 2600 simulation by a computer overlord, and you must get to the blue colored column of pixels that are supposed to represent a river in order to complete a desperate plan of yours to save the world.

The computer overlord doesn't like the highly unpredictable nature of the human dots within its system and is seeking them out by detecting unusual behavior when compared to other dots in the system. Each time the player completes a level, the computer overlord will try to find a highly entropic property of the player's movement (for example: x-position, speed, etc.), and from then on, it will start measuring these properties of the dots in the system. If the player's values becomes too different from that of the other dots in the system, then the computer will discover this and the player will lose. If on the other hand, the computer is unable to find something entropic in the players actions, then it will increase its accuracy in measuring the said properties, making it harder for the player to reach the end goal.

In order to succeed, the player will have to be able to mimic the movements of the other, non-human dots in the system, while in some cases, deliberately acting differently in order to get the computer overlord to start detecting a property that the player will not have an issue mimicking in the future levels.

Can you get past the entropy hating computer overlord and save the world from an endless existence inside an Atari 2600?

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