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This is a hub-based Super Mario Bros. X game that focuses on scouring 57 levels in search of stars. They're all SMW stars, so none of them make you exit the level. There are 8 main worlds, each world has 6 levels, and each level has 3 stars. Each world also has its own hub with its own star (except for the Main Hub that connects all of the worlds, that does not have a star). The more stars you collect, the more levels you will have access to. The number of stars required to enter each level is mostly pretty lenient. There is also a 9th world that can only be accessed as a reward for completionists that have collected all of the other stars and beaten the rest of the game. This final world has 9 levels instead of 6 and requires you to keep collecting every star to make further progress, but the world is set up just like the other 8 otherwise. The screenshots provided will give you a small peek at the first four worlds of the game.


The game progression is standard for Mario. It's simply about traveling through many different levels and trying to stop Bowser, like most other Mario games. There isn't really a story, as I didn't have any ideas for one, but the game is more focused around maximum level quality and pleasing aesthetics. Most levels are pretty long and require copious amounts of exploration as you hunt for stars, so get ready for a huge adventure. Some stars are quick and easy, but others require elaborate tasks to be completed, especially further into the game. Certain levels are also rather long, so you should think of some of them as their own adventures. Try not to play too many at once unless you're breezing through them or have a lot of time and patience on your hands. If you get sick of playing in the middle of a level, there are three places within it (start, middle, and end) that will return you to that world's hub. The difficulty curve is intended to be a gradual climb from start to finish, ranging consistently from super easy to incredibly hard. For instance, World 1-1 is meant be manageable for a beginner and World 9-9 might pose a challenge even to an elite player.


The game assumes you know how to perform the basic elements of gameplay in SMBX and 2D Mario games in general, so there isn't a tutorial. However, there are signposts every so often that will clearly describe unique elements of the game. Every character is playable except for Link, and each level is meticulously configured to be compatible with all of the other four. Most powerups and items are used, with Yoshis and Boots saved for World 9. Two-player is not supported, because I don't have a second player to test with. All of the levels should be possible with two players present, but it's not as advised as going it solo. This game has been tested countless times in single-player mode and shouldn't present any serious issues in that regard. I'm willing to fix any you may encounter and upload patches as necessary.


Once you download the game, extract it into SMBX's "worlds" folder. It'll be ready to play after that, because the download has been carefully organized for easy setup.

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The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Looks pretty impressive judging from the screenshots. I'll give it a shot!
Oooh. This would be like a cross between super mario world and super mario 64. I cant wait to try this.
"My father told me this would happen."
Oh hey it's this game. The levels are like super-humongous.
I gathered 142/180 stars in total.
A great project overall.
Welldone on creating a complex Hub system XD.
I'm in the middle of a 100% run, and I must say I've been having a lot of fun with this game, until I hit level 8-6. The boss in that level is a bit frustrating, but overall, I'm having a blast with the game.
Wow this game sounds pretty impressive. I can't wait to actually try this.
This games too hard for me. Went into the castle 8 with 30 lives and died to bowser. This game seems to take some inspiration from dkc, since the stars are almost always in side rooms or dead ends. Im also guessing that each level also has a side area with a 1 up. Which means that the design of each level gets pretty formulaic. And most of the levels have very similar design anyway if you don't count the level's gimmick. Game wasnt hard at first, but gets increasingly tough unless your using peach. Regrettably, I shoulda used peach for the final boss instead of mario, but whatever.

Castle 8 was extremely annoying. One of the biggest problems i had was the spikes. They are extremely hard to notice because they have a dark color like the walls and other decoration so u dont see them when you're busy dodging other stuff. Theres a reason spikes are usually white and now i know why.
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