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Stormville is a small kingdom caught in the crossfire of a brewing war. In the game you play as Vince, a swordsman striving to carry out his dead brother's wishes. During his travels he will gain strength and the aid of companions who will help him to save Stormville and the rest of the world.

The drums of war have begun to beat. Across the world, countries are striving for power and control at the expense of smaller villages and kingdoms--especially Stormville. Ryle, the son of Stormville's king, has captured Stormville and assimilated it into the Thunder Country for which he works.
Prior to Ryle's betrayal, the king decreed that should anything happen to him Vince's brother Jordan would take his place as king and deliver Stormville from oppression. However, during Vince and Jordan's escape attempt they were attacked by Cia, another Thunder Country captain. Jordan sacrificed his life to save Vince, leaving him the burden of responsibility.

+Non-traditional character progression: Stats and skills aren't improved by levelling; the player will have to rely on equipment and items to advance, meaning you can't overpower your enemies simply by levelling up.
+Equipment Levels: Improve your battle skill by levelling weapons and armour.
+Crafting System: Create your own equipment using collected components!
+Side view Battle System ( CUSTOM ACTION SEQUENCES )
+And more! (Still in production, I'll add more soon!)

Introduction + Battle System Demo (DEMO V.0.1)
The character in the demo has all skills with no MP cost so you can try everything out. Have Fun!

Note: Talk to the boy at the end of the demo.
It will start a battle with a training dummy so you can try out skills without you or the enemy dying.
Demo Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/y0dmccyj518itgk/STORMVILLE%20-%20Demo%201.exe

Latest Blog

New Features I Implemented =D

+Skill Upgrade
+Class and Subclass System
+Runic Enchancement
+Equipment Upgrade

+Crafting and Dismantling Items
(this is gonna fill up my database with Materials)

+Stat Distribution Bonus

+and added a Quest journal for future
use when I'm adding sidequests
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