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After a mishap in an destroyed underground lab, Cliff, a truck driver & proud redneck, finds himself transmutated into a dragon & involved in a military conspiracy. Now he must embark on a journey to find a cure to regain his humanity while also protecting his family, including himself, from the clutches of the military and other threats.

Author's Notes::
I ended up changing the background and synopsis a bit. Story-wise I've attempted to branch-out from plot lines where there's a primary villain and I've introduce multiple scenarios to let the player determine the main threat. The story focuses primarily on Cliff and a character named "Dan" as they both try to adapt to their new species. For the sake of realistically completing this I ended up removing the 2 choice plot scenario's, and alot of other things as well.

I'm going to say that the story starts off slow and gradually adds upon itself, as there's alot of characters and gameplay elements to introduce.

The setting is "loosely" based on the modern world. To get a clear picture of what I mean of this, picture modern cities with a MUCH MUCH smaller design similar to those of a basic JRPG town. I've attempted to give my world as much depth as possible to keep it interesting. Even though it's based on modern society there are some ideas you'll find relatively "out there." Technology in this world is a mix of modern and sci-fi elements. For example, there are cars, airplanes, buses, huge atmosphere destroying factories, cellphones, and even small-piloted man made machines used by the military.

I've ditched the old "World of Entiria" plot device and decided to flesh out my original aim much more. Now the player will only become intertwined with the culture, people, and background of just one world, Terren. This world has 3 primary human races: White, Black, and Fuuma. The culture of White and Black humans is very self-explanatory. The Fuuma however, are a race of wolf humanoids. Originally, their culture was supposed to be a generic mesh of east asian elements, however I figured this device was too bland and thus I've decided to create something totally fresh. Although not set it stone, I do have intriguing ideas in store for them.


Background Story::
As technology continues to advance throughout the world, humanity continues to expand beyond their normal bounds. Numerous cities, highways, and factories continue to spring forth to satisfy an ever growing population. Unfortunately, such a thriving society does not come without it's consequences. Indeed; such careless growth inflicts a major scar upon Terren's primal wildlife. Already, several critical species have been brought to extinction. To counteract this, the major powers of Terren assembled and established The Terren Fish and Wildlife Service, otherwise known as TFAWS, whose mission is to conserve, protect, and enhance the worlds exotic wildlife and their habitats. One of TFAWS first accomplishments is the passing of the Endangered Species Act, a long-term operation which protects and preserves various critically imperiled species


Setting Story and Early Synopsis::
As TFAWS continues to enforce their newly passed Endangered Species Act, many hunters and poachers suddenly find themselves without work. Ryle Reinhart, leader of the Thunder-Rai Hunting Crew, is no exception. Not wanting to risk being arrested in the future, Ryle regrettably decides to disband his crew; however, not before their final hunt. Clifford Reinhart, Ryle's older brother and black sheep of the family, grew wind of this and chooses to attend their hunt, much to Ryle's dismay. Eventually, the brothers discover an odd abandoned laboratory deep underground. Just before they unravel the secret of this lab; TFAWS enforcement appears and thwarts their plans.



NOTE: The features listed are only ones I've began process on or finished.

-Grandia-esque Active Cancelling Battle System. Featuring:
ACT gauge, ACT DMG, Cancel Effects and more.
Boosting System
Inertia Cancelling
PentaRoulette System
Ranged Skills
MANY MANY Buffs & debuffs and more!

-Aging Items! Items you have age over time the longer you hold them.

-A VERY Detailed currency system including Banks, Loans, Collateral, Interest, Debt, Goverment Aid, Jobs, and coupons. The player will have to carefully manage their income or else they may find themselves in debt.

-Field Abilities: All 7 characters feature 2 distinct abilities they can use on the field ranging from controlling swords to flying between flight points.

-Unique Character Customization which includes:
Ciphers: Replaces the Equipment System. Able to attach 5 to 6 different ciphers per character. All ciphers increase stats by a percentage rather then a flat value. There is a wide variety of Ciphers you can mix and match to suit your character needs.

Phases: Each character can perform up to 8 moves and each of these moves have 3 distinct phases you can choose from. These phases provide LOADS of utility and changes how the character is played.

Positive Point System: Characters earn PP after battle which can be spent to increase phases, stats, or transfer to other characters.

Titles: Each character has 18 titles they can choose from; affecting which stats the character gains when they level up.

-Lots of Custom Art and Graphics!

-100% Custom Systems entirely done by me, no default systems.


Quick Note:
Sorry for lack of screens. At the moment I'm totally devoted in perfecting both my CMS and CBS's before I start with actual mapping.


Latest Blog

New Resources!

After a long haitus (specifically because of the Magi/Strangeluv incident), I'm back with several resources for your gaming creating needs. Check 'em out below in their respected spoiler tags. For more, click on the resources tab or click here. If anything is wrong with the images (i.e wrong image format, misaligned tiles, etc..), please let me know and I'll reupload asap.




More office chipsets/character sets to come!!
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Where did you find your titlescreen?
Off of an old RM2k website called Likwid Motion. I'm thinking about changing it though, since it's REALLY old and I have gotten better with Photoshop and drawing so I can make my own from scratch.
RMN sex symbol
*Liquid Motion, it's in my signature on the forums haha. I think Nemo's asking because his game Solar Tear has pretty much the exact same background image for his title screen from like 2004?

Anyways looks and sounds alright, CBS looks off to me though, I don't know. Not really much to comment on right now so i wish you good luck with this and hope to see a release sometime soon!
I don't remember where I got it from originally so I was curious :)
this sounds alright. I will be interested in seeing your battle system, looks really well made.
I like the idea of aging items, Baiten Kaitos does a similar thing and it is one of my favourite games. I'm going to be keeping an eye on this and I eagerly await a proper demo, even if it is far off.

Thanks again for the subscription :)
Gotta say, I really like the character designs in this game, ESPECIALLY the main character. Very unique, yet very practical. Excellent job on that front!
Gotta say, I really like the character designs in this game, ESPECIALLY the main character. Very unique, yet very practical. Excellent job on that front!

Holy shit, feedback; and on my character design no less. I very much appreciate it sir.
This game looks awesome...I love the logo (In the descriptions) and I think this game looks very promising,
And I like the maps! Especially Shori's Tent. Great job...
This game has some serious personality. Love the character designs (awesome to see their evolution in your blog, too) and it looks like you've put a lot of effort into the game in general. Definitely looking forward to any more news on progress. :]
*Subscribes* since Rowan avatar gives me a boner
"Im as shallow as a kiddy pool."
it's to be expected i do act like a 5yo.
your games recommendation page,
im guessing that you meant the battle system from grandia is similar to your game but in my opinion
the cbs your using is much better.
your games recommendation page,
im guessing that you meant the battle system from grandia is similar to your game but in my opinion
the cbs your using is much better.

I find the movement and spell range in grandia another good trademark of it's battle system. (hence why I am currently improving my CBS.) It's not there yet, but it's getting there.
actually i'v encounter annoying instances in the grandia battle system witch pissed me off
: my main attacker runs around the boss when i gave him the attack command but its only happened on boss occasions.
(i thought it might have been caused by a debuff of movement or something.)

>.> plus i really hated how the spells and skills were on a leveling system of its usage.
>.> plus i really hated how the spells and skills were on a leveling system of its usage.

:x hehe, you might hate this part of my game then. Phases (abilities character's get) are primarily leveled up depending on the elemation (the spells) usage. I do know what you're talking about though, thus I've also implemented a system similar to grandia 2's skill learning style. You can also spend something called positive points to level up phases if you don't prefer the latter. These points are acquired from all monsters, are available at the start of the game, and can be transferred to other party members (at a cost.)

EDIT: I'm about to update a screenshot showing what I'm talking about
EDIT: I'm about to update a screenshot showing what I'm talking about

>:} nice,i can't wait for the next demo.
(so i can see how it tiks and do bad things with it.>:D)
oh crap it doubled >.>
*dam you post monster*
Right now this is my most anticipated game in RMN.
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