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Clifford Montana Reinhart Jr.

Age: 25
Weapon: RX-15+ Sureshot Rifle (When human), Entire Body (As dragon)

The eldest of the Reinhart brothers and black sheep of the family. While born in Kastelahn, he was raised in the Leslian countryside in the south with his mother. Therefore, he exhibits a strong country accent and is a bit of a mother's boy. He's a laid-back blatant smoker who's also a prone alcoholic; most would call him a southern hick. Because of his unruly diet and beer drinking, Cliff has a much wider girth compared to others which often causes him to be underestimated. However, Cliff loves to prove others wrong and has developed a strong ego. He has a strong disliking of animals, TFAWS, and the Endangered Species Act.

As a dragon, Cliff retains some key features that are comparable to a human. He walks on 2 feet instead of 4 in a semi-digigrade stance, he has some (albeit very little) hair on his head, he still speaks human, and (while torn) he retains his vest and hat which is now able to fit him.


Tyler Reinhart

Age: 16

The youngest of the 3 brothers; however, he is only their half-brother. His vocal chords are completely severed and thus he is Speech-impaired. Unlike his older siblings, Tyler is an active environmentalist and is against the practice of hunting. He is extremely perceptive, smart, and appears much younger for his age.


Ryle Reinhart
Age: 21
Weapon: His fists & elemations

A very rude, selfish, and stern individual. As the leader of Thunder-Rai and as Tyler's legal guardian, he often endures a great deal of responsibility. Unlike Clifford, Ryle has spent his entire life on the go with his hunting partners. Even though they are brothers, Ryle strongly dislikes Cliff.


Dantevious Kn-Kinoh

Age: 39
Weapon: NONE (His elemations)

A dragon who ends up becoming a human. He tries to maintain a serious/silent/cold persona, but in actuality he's very shy, absent-minded, and has a sweet spot for entertainment. He tends to forget hes human and may do some awkward things. Nevertheless, Dantevious is a prodigy concerning ELE (think magic) and has the power to match his knowledge of it.

As a human Dantevious retains some key features that are comparable to that of a dragons. His ears are pointed at the end, he can talk dragonic, he has striking yellow eyes similar to a lizards, and his canine teeth are larger and arch more then the average human. These teeth are always exposed.


Nicole Kensing

Age: 23
Weapon: Ele Dread (Scythe)

Bio: Coming Soon! :P


Runmaru Tarutaya

Age: 27
Weapon: Cross Gauntlets

A Fuuman TFAWS Game Warden. He's infamous in the poaching society as he has orchestrated many arrests and disbanded dozens of well known hunting agencies. He's is a very cold individual whom has little remorse towards hunters and those who violate the law. Despite his cold personality, he is very polite and former with his speech and mannerisms.

Feyon Melody

Age: 15
Weapon: Double Barrel Handguards

Bio: Coming Soon! :P



Age: 18
Weapon: Twig (Giant Wooden Log)

Zack is a very jolly individual and likes to smile and laugh alot. He's a proud liar and negotiator, and makes these talents of his a sport. Zack is constantly in a good mood, and thinks everything is all fun and games. He is labeled a bully by others as he sometimes takes his jokes too far.