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New Resources!

After a long haitus (specifically because of the Magi/Strangeluv incident), I'm back with several resources for your gaming creating needs. Check 'em out below in their respected spoiler tags. For more, click on the resources tab or click here. If anything is wrong with the images (i.e wrong image format, misaligned tiles, etc..), please let me know and I'll reupload asap.




More office chipsets/character sets to come!!



These are just a few sketches I was working on during the winter season when I wasn't here. Nothing major. Unfortunately, I have some issues drawing women so I tend not to draw much of them. As far as the game goes, I've been creating custom character sets and been editing a bunch of different ones for various poses. Expect LOTS of different pixel expressions.


ZOMG Blog update!

This is mainly just an update mentioning that this project still exists. I've been working on the mapping lately, so you can expect more screens other then CMS/CBS. I added a resources tab for those who are interested in the graphics. Feel free to snatch; no credit is necessary.


Stuff - Updated Oct 20, 2010

- Shori is now known as Cliff. The name Shori is dumb and didn't fit the character at all. With that said, I changed the storyline a bit and the game will continue to be called Osheru Shori. Cliff's full name is Clifford Montana Reinhart III. Above is a portrait of Cliff without his hat.

- 4 characters can potentially be healers, 4 characters can potentially be tanks, all character's can potentially DPS. Battles are balanced by the optimal setup of 1 healer, tank and dps. Ryle is the first healer/tank who joins you're party.

- Tyler is no longer part of the main party; however, he still plays a vital role in the story. 7 primary combatants are enough.

- Dropped elemental properties. All attack's now deal either PHYS (Physical), ELMT (Elemental), or COMB (both). That's it. Elemental properties in this game were a dull mechanic.

- I removed the game download. It's really outdated and does not represent my current adaptation of the battle system.

- Stat Changes:
STR: Typical Strength stat. This stat is now a coefficient of all character's ATTACK and CRITICAL. For instance, the damage from Cliff's ATTACK is now determined by how much HIT and STR he has.
DEF: Defense. Reduces all damage taken from PHYS attacks.
ELE: Elemence. Typical Magic stat.
RES: Resilience. Reduces all damage taken from ELMT attacks.
HIT: Typical accuracy stat.
SPD: This stat no longer determines how fast a character moves along the ACT bar. It is now a typical evasion stat and also determines the parties escape chance.
INI: New stat that determines how fast a character moves along the ACT bar. This stat can range from 1-12 with 1 being the slowest. All character's start with a predetermined amount. INI can only be increased via buffs, phases, and the Excel Cipher.
MOV: New stat that determines how many spaces a character can move in battle. Like INI, MOV is predetermined and can only be increased via buffs, phases, and the Excel Cipher.
CRIT: Luck stat. Determines how often a character can critically strike with moves. Healing elemations and DoTs cannot crit unless said otherwise.
C. BNS: This stat increases how much damage a critical strike can do.

-I am currently creating new pages that will describe the Battle system, Aging Items, Elemations, Phases, Ciphers, and Positive Points in more depth.

-For the curious number crunchers out there (Chaos), I've provided a detailed list of all elemations, phases, ciphers, and items. Check it out below. NOTE: It's in Microsoft Excel .xlsx format. If you don't have Microsoft Excel then I recommend downloading OpenOffice.



"Hey kid. Where's your mom?"

Just where is everyone? Sure your character's mother may have died giving birth, or their battle hardened father may have died in battle, but what about their sister's and brother's? Is there a good reason why protagonists who are still in their teens out saving the world without proper supervision? You know the formula. Someone's family (or a member of their family) has either been.

A. killed or died in some fashion.
B. been forgotten about , abandoned, kidnapped.
C. Not mentioned period.
D. A "Crono's Mom" who just stand's there not even wondering where their child is at.

Alright, maybe a protagonist/antagonist is old enough now to take care of their own. However these questions arise; Is the character married? Does he/she have children? If not, why does he/she prefer to live alone? (Especially these X amount of years.)


Character Designs over the years

I've been working on this game for quite awhile (since 2006) and suddenly realized how much my characters have changed over the years. Take a look:

(NOTE: Only those with finalized designs are shown)






(LOLS at #1)

Everyone around 2008:


Anyways, as far as updates is concerned; I'm still working on that Item Menu for the CMS. Once that's done the CMS will be demo ready. I've also decided to remove all MIDI's and replaced them with better quality MP3s. I do wish there was a way to loop them properly like .wav files >_>. If anyone knows a way, please let me know.


Need help thinking of items

I'm currently thinking of interesting items that age overtime (beside food.) So far I got:

- Coupons which expire
- Pedometers which do stuff while you walk
- Lottery tickets
- Orbs, Charms, etc.. which changes as time goes by.
- Fines that get worst if you don't pay.

Each of these items actually do something as well. (Besides some expired items) Items like "Empty Box" is uninteresting and pointless.


MIDI or MP3?

I have many suitable songs for either format, however it really boils down if you guys want a big filesize with LOADS of typical JRPG SNES quality songs, or a bigger filesize with a wide (*and different) mix of nu-jazz/ambient/house music. Either way it's going to be a big filesize.

MIDI folder: 26MBs (5 MP3's are used for ALL boss encounters (from mini-boss to Final boss)
MP3 folder: 133MBs (and rising.. NOTE: All MP3s were compressed with DietMP3)


CBS Feedback

For those who have tried my CBS, is there anything strikingly annoying about it? Is there anything I can do to make improvements? Did you manage to beat the 5-Animal special (lol)?


Finally updated this page!

Yeah, I've finally got to update this page :P. I'm liking the new additions to RMN.
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