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The story starts fifty years after the hero fought the Demon Lord. The hero had only manage to wound him, and the fight ended in a draw. Now the Demon Lord’s forces are amassing and shattering the peace so long sought after. The player takes the role as the disciple of the previous hero who has been his mentor for the past eighteen years. The player starts by taking a graduation exam set up by the hero’s master. The goal is to fight his grandson, Terry. The game is still under production currently. As of now there are four towns, and the game does not have an ending. The second half of the game is untested and still unbalanced.

I am still very inexperienced with this program and topic in general. So any tips or even opinions will be greatly appreciated, along with the report of any bugs. Also, I will be keeping the updates to the game on this page, http://fireboongames.blogspot.com/. it is easier to write what has been added in the blogger page than in this description box.

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  • 06/03/2013 01:25 AM
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like the sound of this one so have subbed it and am downloading it. I also like the screen shots that you have. best wishes with it.
thank you. this is still a good deal away from being unfinished. Right now I am working on making a coastal area and having the group take a boat to get to some towns and maybe throw in another dungeon while there. The game also has a few bugs i know about and haven't been able to fix just yet. like the warp stone, and enemies in the later half of the game may be unbalanced as well.
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