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You are Golbin (a goblin) and you are on a quest to become the very best Finsterman trainer like no one ever was!
Choose one of 3 starter Finstermen and be on your way to defeat goody-two-shoes, other trainers and extra tough Dungeon Leaders*!

*a grand total of one

Finstermen is a short (20-30 minutes) Pokemon parody based on my other game: Finsterling. The intention is to a) actually finish a game! and b) test some ideas/systems, and see what people think of them.
While I've got some ideas on how to make this a full-fledged game, the plan is to work on Finsterling first and see what I'm in the mood for afterwards. :P

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YAY, finished my very first game!

Can't believe I finally did it, but I guess after numerous attempts and downscaling every single time, you're bound to finish something at one point. :O

While it is quite short at around 20 minutes, there is some replayability, like different starters and 3 hidden Finstermen.
But most importantly, I'd like to know what people think of the battles, items, skills and stuff!

Any kind of feedback is much appreciated.

Edit: Forgot to mention that no RTP is required, and the project is not encrypted, in case someone wants to see how I did a few things.
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  • Byah
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  • 06/04/2013 04:24 PM
  • 08/11/2019 03:06 PM
  • 09/13/2013
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When the going gets tough, go fuck yourself.
Gotta catch 'em all Darknessmen!!!
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
This is lol.

The art is cute and vibrant and makes the game light hearted.
I think the battles are too simple (attack, attack, skill, guard, repeat if the enemy is not dead already) and so could be improved to include more strategy.
The equipment system is just right and enjoyable.
Is the music original? Some of the themes do sound really nice.

Do you plan on adding more to the game?
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
This game was charming, though I agree the battle system was overly simplistic (basically you attack once, guard, then use "burst" to win - I chose the wizard starter).

I was only disappointed by its length, it took me around five minutes to beat the game and I was hungry for more after beating bruno. I hope you plan on extending this!
The music and sounds are from Pokemon Blue/Red and Pokemon Gold/Silver.

The battles may be a bit too simplistic, but that's what I wanted to do as well for my first game. Keep the choices simple, but different.
Another problem may be that I buffed the sorcerer too much, as his play style is vastly different from the other 5 Finstermen - kill fast, or be killed fast. :P Maybe try one of the other Finstermen and the hard difficulty!

5 Minutes seems short, but then again, the sorcerer does end fights quickly :P

About extending the length:
I've got ideas to make a full game similiar to this, but this one won't be extended, since some of the systems in place wouldn't work in a longer game.
My biggest problem was that I couldn't make it so that when one Pokemon Finsterman gets beaten, you get to send out the next one. :/
Which is pretty much the number one reason the game is so short.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback, guys!
Graphic very very nice i think
This was a good idea. I only wished I COULD PLAY MORE!!
good game!
i'm a pokemon fan, and i think this game's idea is really good,
want to play more XD
This is a lot of fun. Nice art; solid area design; and, though it's been forever, seems like it's an almost word for word parody of Pokemon? Anyway yeah, this is a cool teaser, and good luck with the full game!
I finished typing up my review for your game. Very cute and very fun, I only wish it was a full meal instead of a small taster.
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