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Young Anthea lives in the dull village of Pendal. Afflicted with an illness, her body is frail and she cannot face long exposure to the sun. Trapped in a state of boredom, and feeling useless, she lives her life reading books about faraway lands and magical adventures.

One day, she visits her favorite spot: an abandoned church. There, she finds herself whisked, almost as if a prayer being answered, into another world. In another body, she finds she is able to communicate with the lingering souls of the dead.

In this strange new world, she meets a man traveling on a dangerous journey. Her heart young and trusting, she throws herself at him, entwining herself in his mission.

Together, they embark on a dangerous journey, traveling toward horrific darkness where she learns the truth about herself and the world she came to.


Spirit in the Mirror features:

* A deep and engaging story of innocence, love, and tragedy.
* Recruit up to 7 wandering spirits with differing strengths and weaknesses. Switch between them to fight the enemies at hand.
* Travel through a world, meeting those who would evoke and unlock the past of these souls.
* A versatile gem system to alter Anthea's skills. Experiment with mixing gems to unlock new magic skills.

Latest Blog

Large revision of game in progress. Halfway complete!

Thank you, RPGMaker.net! I appreciate the time you all have spent to play and offer feedback on Spirit in the Mirror. I know two years ago, I promised another revision with an alternate ending to the current one. I am pleased to announce that such a revision is underway, and is halfway complete. I am targeting a release around March 2016.

Here is what I am planning for the new release:

* A revision of the dialogue. In addition to fixing issues with the dialog and how it can flow more naturally, I will add in additional scenes to flesh out the story more.
* An alternate ending! Will the characters find what they are seeking on another path?
* A new dungeon! This dungeon will be tied to the alternate ending, and reveal more of the story!
* The addition of quests! Townspeople will offer quests to each one of the souls which will unlock new skills!
* Retouching of maps and townspeople. Items will be reshuffled to more naturally integrate with the maps.

Spirit in the Mirror is my first RPGMaker game I released to a large audience, and it has been an amazing adventure. I look forward to retouching and finishing it.

Again, thank you to everyone who played and offered reviews and feedback, both positive and negative! You all have been immensely helpful!
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  • 06/10/2013 06:01 AM
  • 05/20/2016 10:24 PM
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I've been playing for an hour or two and this is actually really good. That's all I got right now :p
I've been playing for an hour or two and this is actually really good. That's all I got right now :p

I'm glad you're enjoying it! Let me know how you like the ending. :)

I'll be happy to answer any questions if you have any.
I still haven't completed the game but once I do, I'm hoping to write a review, because this game deserves some attention (aka it's pretty damn good!). Problem is, my laptop broke down so it's going to take some more time :l
I will try to start playing this game and post it at my Youtube channel.
Stay in touch. ;)
Thanks Leaniality and raikenjenova! I truly appreciate the playthroughs. I will start assembling a guide, since some of my friends who played this reported difficulty finding some things. I'll try to get it up ASAP.
Awrite, just less of clues at the beginning of the chapter.
Because, you know...

Talking to A, next to B and C, they don't have any people nearby who told about the next destination (got it? ) well the rest of them are awesome! I am beginning to making a video about it right now.


We found some bug at Draygor which the system said that "People 1 is not found" when after some conversation inside the big building at the middle, and then when I got out, entering a random house in the left, that message appeared and :| game closed.

let me know if you notice that too :3
Thanks for pointing that out! I'll take a look!

I am writing a guide right now. I've been delayed but I'll try to get it up as soon as possible.
I apologize about that! I have made a fix to the map. I'll go fix the download, but if you don't want to download the entire thing again, go here:


Just download that file and replace the Map0118.lmu in the game directory.
It's alright, I will continue testing and commented at the game as well.

I don't mind if I have to download the entire game :p

Rendering, it might take awhile. I will let ya know if I uploaded the videos :3
Stay awesome! :D
(I will let ya know if I encounter some of the bugs again :3 )
Anyway, It's still missing "People 1" (at the home beside just like what I told before) and "People 2" (After next day Anthea wake up and while she goes up, the game closes due to people2 file missing, and cannot make progress) and when I redownloaded it, I noticed they are not at char set files ._.a so it's still showing errors.
need some fix xD
Thanks :3
I'm really sorry about that.

I should've more thoroughly tested this on a Windows installation without the RTP before releasing this. I will do it when I have the time.

But in the meantime, install the RTP for RPGMaker 2000. You can get it here: http://divinelegy.com/rmt/utilities/rm2k_rtp.zip

That will fix the bug.
well thanks! I will try it again and let you know about it :3
Maybe you can manually copy 'People1', 'people2' and other missing part to your game directory? maybe that'll fix it too xD

Anyway, working for some other videos episode again :D

(nb : I used to be using rm tools before, and it really show some buggy that cannot copy or convert some pics there, so might check it manually again :P )
I am now at the point where I am the soldier and have a boat and can go to 4 ports - but I've been everywhere and have know clue what to do next - any help ? Thanks - Dennis
I am now at the point where I am the soldier and have a boat and can go to 4 ports - but I've been everywhere and have know clue what to do next - any help ? Thanks - Dennis

Head to the Kithali Beach. You currently can't enter through Port Rausen (guards block the way). Head north into the Kithali Highlands and pass through it to return to the capitol.

Part 5! xD Double part in the weekend! :D
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