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For centuries evil wizards have searched for a more intimidating form of aerial transit. Now, one has been discovered that's so intimidating an evil wizard can hardly go out for a midnight jaunt without being swarmed by a bunch of holier than thou good for nothings. How far can you fly this prototype giant bat before getting shot down?

Randomly generated skies that get more difficult the longer you survive!

Tap the flap key (default space) to hover. Tap it rapidly to fly up.

Shoot fireballs (default V) to kill enemies for points.

Keyboard and Gamepad controls are configurable in the options menu.

Online highscores! Viewable here

Latest Blog

Small fixes - v1.1 released

I uploaded a small update to fix issues and suggestions that have appeared after the game's release.

  • Fixed a rendering issue that caused the game to not fill the whole screen on some computers
  • Rebalanced some of the sound
  • Added clearer instructions to the highscore name entry screen
  • Added a cause of death entry to the highscores


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Hahaha -- nice! You should have waited until Halloween to release this, but, nonetheless, this looks pretty cool! I might give it a try sometime down the road. Congrats on finishing this. ^^
Thanks! It does fit well with Halloween, but I had the idea at the beginning of the weekend and its been far too long since I actually completed a short game.
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