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Front page!

I'd like to say thanks to rmn who've featured The Shoe's On The Other Foot on the homepage! It's great to get so much feedback on my work! I'd also like to say thankyou to all the many people who've done Let's Play videos on YouTube! It's not the easiest game to accept, and there are a few bugs, but thankyou for giving it a go and for your constructive comments!

I've had to take a break from devellopement this summer as i have basically no time with my summer job, but i'll be back in September putting more work in! See you then!


Let's Play!

So this game has been received in very different ways by lots of people! I've been lucky enough to have had one review and two let's play videos! As most developers will agree, having so much feedback is really rewarding! So i'd like to give a big thank you to FangStiltzskin for the review, MissUnderstood for her let's play, and Cinnamon Toast Ken for his!

All this has given the game a whole load of attention! It's been great to see how people have interpreted the story! So for everyone who has tried the game, had the patience to defeat the froggies, whether you loved it or hated it, thanks for your support!

Progress Report

Get your smoke on!

So The Shoe's On The Other Foot is now completed and available to download and play! This game started as a weird trip between myself and a friend that finally took form. It took waaay too long to make. It was supposed to be a quick project to take a break from a bigger one i'm working on, but it ended out taking about a month and a half to complete!

We're thinking about putting a walk-through video on YouTube in case any of the mini-games are too hard. But if you're used to RPG Maker i don't think there should really be much problem? Anyway, give it a play, and say what you have to say! :)
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