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(WARNING: Extreme blood and gore + Strong language)

Intro info:
This game is a psychological, shooter+RPG hybrid.
This game may be offensive to a few players and has scenes of violence and mutilation.
『WARNING: This game deals with topics such as War, Kidnappings, cults, religion, Organ trafficking, sex, assassinations, politics, genocide and some parts may be considered cruel. This game will come off as unsettling to some people, so it is advised not to play this game if these topics are offensive to you or taboo in your are of residence.』

::UPDATING. Coming soon::

Game play:
::UPDATING. Coming soon::

::UPDATING. Coming soon::

Extra info:

.Your party are randomly chosen before every battle as there are 5 members, capable of fighting.(This excludes Sid Xavier)This only applies to the side-view battles.
.In need of testers and reviewers!
.Please feel free to leave your opinions/suggestions/comments/death threats on the game page or send them via email: Mferrah898@gmail.com
.Your party members will learn new skills as the game progresses.
.Game difficulty is set between mediocre, hard and very hard.
The only way to win most battles is to use tactics and timing.

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And the ability to summon the "Office Whores" to deal damage to the enemies.
Welcome to ghost town.lol
Subbers should at least comment.
If I can handle the head-trip this looks to be, I'll give it a try.
And the ability to summon the "Office Whores" to deal damage to the enemies.
Hehe, you're right, sbester :) lol

I wonder if anybody has tried it yet. I need feedback! :D
Aww, c'mon. ;)
It will be fun. :D
Will this one have all those cool Party member needs too? stress hunger and fatigue lust
what im really asking if it will have masturbation,sex,and prostitutes
Awesome stuff! I'm keeping an eye on this!
Well I'll subscribe then, will play when I get a chance.
I'm usually not fond of games that utilize sound and graphics from other games (particularly two of my favorites, K7 and Persona 2)...

...but I gotta say, you're a true outsider artist and I admire that. As crass as this game can be in places, it's certainly intriguing. This is more collage than simple borrowing of assets. I'd like to encourage you to keep working in whatever way you need to; I look forward to seeing a lot more from you.

PS I get an error when I try to operate the TV to save.the file "crossroads" is missing?
Can't download , link dead , can you update it if possible.
Wow, and I thought "The whore of babylon" was dead and buried.

Great... after trying to download this, I realized it is dead and buried! :D
Come on man, upload it again. I would really like to play this.
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