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This game is about one person battling his inner demons, with some of his major weaknesses personified as bosses. The story is primarily told through flashbacks.

Gameplay-wise, there are no random encounters as the focus is on boss fights. All characters start at level 99 so there is no need for grinding. However, characters still grow in some way after each fight, and you are given some control over the direction of their growth. Bosses are semi-intelligent (their battle strategy involves AI so players are not at the mercy of the RNG) and the strategic selection of a variety of skills and equipment matters more than raw stats in a battle. Fights use the Active Time Battle system.

The game is forgiving in the sense that you never get a game over screen and you can always escape from battles, but you may have to experiment with strategy and try more than once to win a fight. The order of battles is flexible, so if you're having trouble with one boss you may find it easier to fight another first.

I tried to make the concept of sacrifice part of the gameplay mechanics so that there are no easy choices and you have to weigh your options carefully. For instance, it is not possible to get every skill/equipment/item in the game in a single playthrough, equipment slots are limited, and the more powerful skills and equipment come at greater cost.

Total playing time should be less than an hour.

Note: This game is currently in the open beta stage, so please be patient with any problems. While it has been tested to make sure it's free of any obvious game-breaking bugs, the only tester before release has been me, so you should still save often to be on the safe side. The parameters and damage formulae are still under revision, so sometimes the battles may be too difficult or too easy, but you are allowed to adjust the difficulty during the game so that it's always winnable. Sorry about the rough edges.

Also, there's a secret *** in the game, so congratulations if you find it.

2 download versions are provided. The default one is the smaller, RTP-dependent version, for people who have the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP installed on their computer. If you don't have that or don't know what that is, you should go to the download page to get the standalone version.

Updated to 1.03. Changes listed in the Change Log page, but in summary, this is a minor update. It should be compatible with saved games from previous versions.

1.00 users please note that there is a potential game-crashing bug that sometimes occurs during battle when the double-edged sword is equipped.

1.00 - 1.02 users please note that there is a potential game-crashing bug (rare) when enemies make certain moves.

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  • 06/12/2013 03:34 PM
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  • 06/16/2013
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The maps are a little bare but I can tell you have a good idea what you're doing. I recommend tightening them or adding some more details.
Okay, thank you for accepting it! I'll work on the mapping in future updates.
Not see any utility in skill. Mind does not have control over it so dies. But character dies and rises.
The way that the game can not be won or Bunny as boss.
Thank you for your comment. It's a little vague and I'm not too sure exactly what you mean, but I'll try to address your concerns as best as I can:

Not see any utility in skill.

Each skill is useful in different situations, so some of them may not have much effect at times, and you have to figure out when they are best used.

In particular, the first boss has very high stats and so it is hard to inflict much damage on him. This is by design as you are not meant to defeat the first boss, and the skills will have more effect against the other bosses with lower stats.

Some dark skills are also weaker when you don't have the relevant status effect applied.

Mind does not have control over it so dies. But character dies and rises.

Could you please clarify this? For instance, control over what, and when does this happen?

Characters dying from time to time is to be expected. If a character gets K.O.ed, you can either use Revive (skill, check your equipment) or Smelling Salts (item) to remove the K.O. status.

I'm not sure if this is what you mean, but I'm aware that there is a bug in the game where dead characters sometimes show their sprites as if they were alive. However, this is only a cosmetic problem which doesn't affect gameplay as they are still truly dead and cannot take a turn, and they can still be revived and function as per usual. But I'll see if I can fix it in future.

The way that the game can not be won

I've tested the whole game and it is definitely winnable with the right strategy, you just have to be willing to spend some time to experiment and figure out what works best in what situation. If the bosses are too hard, you can use the crystal as explained in the game to make them easier, or you can play the game on Easy mode.

Bunny as boss.

If you mean you can't defeat the Bunny within the time limit, you don't have to. You just have to remove the timer within the time limit by accumulating enough TP to use the Zen skill (under Special). The fastest way to gain TP is probably to have Spirit use Martyr repeatedly. If you lose control of a character due to Berserk, you can remove the status with Restore (skill, check your equipment) or Panacea (item).

Similarly, you can remove the handicaps in other battles with the relevant Special skill (marked with a yellow icon, shouldn't be too hard to figure out which to use). I think I will add some in-game explanation for those who ask for it regarding how to remove handicaps in later updates.
Thanks for the bug report, I'll try to fix it right away. In the meantime, unequipping the double-edged sword should avoid that error. Sorry about that!

Edited to add: I can't reproduce the error so I don't know what's causing it. Anyway, I put a crude fix in the script around that line that should hopefully get rid of that error. Version 1.01 will be up soon with the fix and many minor changes. Sorry about the error, I really thought all major bugs were gone before release. Hopefully there won't be any more so updates can be more spaced out. Thank you again for catching the bug!
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