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Not just bugs, but changes in general.

High priority - Bugs to be fixed in the next update:
None at the moment.

Medium priority - Bugs I plan to fix in future but not immediately:
-make maps look nicer

Low priority - Minor bugs that do not really affect the game, may or may not be fixed eventually, unless a few players agree that certain ones are non-trivial:
-items don't show effects like hp damage/recovery in battle popups (their effects are clear from the description, and should have a 100% success rate, so just assume they work as stated)
-battle messages that are too long carry on to the next line without an extra battle log line with translucent background (still readable though)
-font glitch on buff (e.g. study, meditate, exercise) with popup (the effect is still clear, state icon is added as well)
-reflect messages should last longer
-don't let long text names crimp up unnecessarily when there's still tons of space (still readable though)
-skills targeting all enemies should hit all at once, not what seems like two at a time (well, as long as they hit...)
-sometimes messages after choices show in middle instead of bottom (e.g. after "what should i do?")
-can't escape when at least one member is sleeping or otherwise with frozen ATB bar (at the moment, you'll just have to wait it out)
-characters sometimes don't show mp bar on menu screen (e.g. body. they still do have MP and it shows in battle, so it shouldn't really matter)
-placement of battle quips
-character graphics sometimes don't disappear when K.O.ed in battle (e.g. mind) though they are functionally K.O.ed (purely cosmetic bug as otherwise everything still functions as intended. first need to figure out when and why this happens)
-skills in battle menu should be arranged more logically