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Jumping from platform to platform,, don't get lost!
  • Thuckey
  • Added: 06/14/2013 05:51 PM
  • Last updated: 02/28/2024 03:08 AM


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Easy for you to say... But the platforms are rather hard to see; they blend very well with the low section of the walls and even with the water. The top section of the walls are brighter and pop-up more to the eye, which is a bit distracting... To fix this, I suggest making the platforms an even lighter color. Like that of the big platform in there, maybe, so they are quick to spot.
Yeah, I was thinking the same myself.. limited to the tileset which I was using.. so in the final release I will probably either do some editing or find a similar tileset that suits my needs. Thanks for the input!
The pots in this map don't all match and it's a little weird to look at. Perhaps you could change this?
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