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Sira was fourteen when it happened; the disaster that filled the world's darkest corners with creatures from hell. Five years later, she finds herself with the last few survivors, doing all they can to get by. How long can they keep their fragile lives from falling into the abyss? This is Sira's story.

-Real-time combat, take advantage of the Pistol, Shotgun, AK47 or Grenade Launcher to obliterate your enemies.
-Full use of Khas Awesome Light Effects script to make for creepy somber maps.
-Credit also to Dekita for his core and Key Command Common Event script.
-Bone-chilling soundtrack by Jakobo T. Johnson and Ingoof Mendezensio.

The game is currently in demo form to see how it is met, to see if it's worth taking the project further (it would be a lot of work)! Please don't hesitate to give your input! Note also that the menus haven't been touched, but they most definitely won't stay like that!

System Requirements
RTP required: Download RTP here
Font: Must have Perpetua installed, download it here!

Latest Blog

Update + ABS

Hey i just thought i'd post a quick update to let the people who've subscribed know that the project is still in progress! A release is still however a long way off as this has become my secondary project to a much bigger one that's involving a lot of people and time!

As you know from the demo this is real time abs combat. The system i use in the demo is made up from events with no scripting and isn't very practical for development. I've since discovered the falcao liquid abs system script which is wonderful and is going to increase the quality of the combat ten fold!

So as for a release date, to be confirmed! This other project is going to take me about a year of hard work i think... But working on the same thing for such a long time would drive me insane! So i'll definitely be putting work into this along the way! Maybe mid summer? In any case, thanks to everyone for their support! It's much appreciated!
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I had alot of fun with the game. I though the demo was to short but sweet
and the town looked very realistic also you get bonus points because you used
the futuristic Tilesets and this is the first game I've seen that use them.
Please have more focus an the plot because from how it started of it will just
be Item fetch quest also please go into more detail about what happened 5 years
ago. I am looking foward to how the game turns out!

Ive survived (add r)five years on my own, Im sure that I (cap I) could be of use!
Looks fun, way to short.
Thanks for the heads ups! Ill get onto correcting that ! ^^
Do you have any approximate date for the full game?
Not yet! I didnt even know if i was going to finish it when i uploaded the demo! But seeing as the communities reaction seems pretty positive, im definately going to finish the project, but i dont have a fixed date no!
Looks pretty good so far, I like the gameplay, the mapping, the creepy atmosphere and the music.
I found some places a bit too dark however, but that's my personal taste.

Overall it's a good and promising work.
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Looks great, sounds great! Subscribed and downloading. :)
I'll post some feedback when I can!
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