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Spontaneous update

I'll keep this one short. First of all, I have no ground-breaking or crucial announcements today. Game development is going slow as always, because of usual reasons (work, family, spending time on drawing various stuff, other activities etc). I'm kinda tired of making excuses, so I decided to just stop. But anyway, that's not the main point of this post.

I was lately talking with one of the fans of the game and along our discussion, I suggested him that if he wants, I can post updated version of the game. There ain't that much of new content, but it's always something and perhaps will give him a bit better insight on what is what, what is going on and generally some answers for more and more "whats" that this game offers. So... anyone interested can find updated version in Download section.

Oh, beside new content I also made few small corrections in previous parts of the game. These are nothing big and I don't remember anymore what I changed, but I wanted to write about it anyway.

So, that's all. Cheers!

Progress Report


So... after some hiatus it is finally time to get back to work.
I was working on Million Souls To Take for a while, but I kinda lost my primary concept for the game somewhere along the way. I may return to that game some time in the future, when I'll figure out exactly how I want it to look like. All in all, I spend most of my free time in last dunno... 2 month... relaxing and just having some break from everything.
But these times are finally over. Now I'm once again eager to work on my main project - Divinity Fatum. It's kind of sad, that my motivation rises from tragedy, but taking in consideration theme of this game, it may be suitable.
Anyway, for starters I get rid of few bugs that were reported to me. Hopefully I didn't miss any. I also added descriptions for other "frames" in Art Gallery, so it's more interactive now. Next, I must come up with some info to put in Library, so it would actually serve some other purpose than checking world map.
Battle with second Martyr - Regia Aculeo is finally done. I also added some MP cost for skills. It won't really mean a lot in most parts, though. We can also visit Emilyn in Hospital now. Next thing to do is "searching for the Tower" part.
Theoretically there are not that many parts of 3rd act to do. The problem lies with proper presentation of these parts. I may also consider adding some more content to the final act, but on the other hand I don't really want to spin off too much from main story... which is pretty confusing as it is anyway.

So, to sum it all, I haven't really done a lot from last update. I simply wanted to inform that I still work on the game and that development is slowly going on.

Oh yeah, I also decided to finally put an actual picture of Salomon's face in the game:

Finally, I don't know when I'll release new updated demo, but I guess it won't be anytime soon. I want to cover a certain scene first. Probably after that, I'll release next and probably last demo. After that, next upload would be a full game.

That is all. Cheers.

Progress Report

Minor changes and progress report.

It seems to be some kind of habit lately… I’ve noticed that I write a post pretty much once a month.

In this past time I did… not much of a game, being honest. Main reasons for that were:
- being physically tired
- lacking concept for next Martyr’s stage
- being tired of working on Divinity Fatum (temporary, though - I’m not going to abandon this project)

In a meantime I started working on some kind of side project (yet another one) to serve as some kind of steppingstone for me, when I get tired of working on DF. It’s in an early phase as I only made “main base” and overworld so far. I guess that doesn’t tell you much, so let me explain a little about that project, before I move onto main topic.

Game’s title is: “Million Souls to Take”. We’re taking the role of recently deceased person. Action takes place in capitalistic Purgatory where we can literally buy ourselves a second chance by exchanging it for mentioned million souls. We can collect them from the “Fallen Ones” - beings that were once humans, but because they stayed in Purgatory for too long, they lost their identity and cause. I plan to make it into dungeon crawler being mix of “Elona“‘s open world and “Persona 3“‘s battle system (typical turn-based jrpg battles). I want to put there what I like the most in that kind of games - a lot of customization. I don’t really mean character’s appearance here, but rather a lot of skills, items, allies etc etc. I intend to even put there an option of making yourself a house and later on even creating something like a town. Except that, there will be a lot of dungeons ending with boss battles. We will be given all that, while fighting not only to gain a second life, but also to not turn into the “Fallen One” by ourselves. Everything kept in ‘80’s theme (kinda. I was inspired by Hotline Miami here). Anyway, here are some screenshots of that something:

Now, a little about Divinity Fatum’s development progress. First, I added a little visual adjustment in certain parts of the game. Basically, I thought that I could add script that I used in Townlore to enchant feeling of tension in certain parts of the game. At first I just wanted to make Martyr’s stages to look more disturbing, but when I noticed the effect of this script, I thought that I could also use it in other moments of the game. With that little touch-up, I get something like this:

Next news is that I finally get an idea for second Martyr’s stage, as well as how it should look like in the end. I had a certain idea for Martyr’s image alone, but I found it not exactly threatening. After spending some time away from the game I get an idea of how I could make second encounter look like. I haven’t scripted battle sequence yet, but beside that whole stage is pretty much done.
I should also finally force myself into maybe adding some dialogues with students from the School, add some books to the Library and write some descriptions for pictures in Art Gallery. These are the things that don’t push the story forward and pretty much serve no purpose other than making the game more interactive. That, however is ironically quite important part of gameplay…
Finally, some screenies of latest little progress:

I’d also like to remind that there are save states for both Act II and Act III in download section. If anybody would like to check out the newest add-ons by themselves, be my guests. Demo was also updated.
And that’s all for now.

Progress Report

Progress Report

It was quite some time from the last update. It should be a good moment to let everybody know that game's development is still going on. So far I'm done with first day of Act III, which ends after finding a clue at Art Gallery. I also started working on next location which hopefully will be more challanging than currently made part of final act. This will be also a moment when - like in first act - we'll go into non-linear gameplay. That means that besides doing main route, we'll also be tasked with optional side quests.

I was also thinking about how to lead the story forward and how should it end. I could've mentioned it before, but on this stage - despide having a vague draft of a story - I'm creating a plot spontaneously. Honestly I'm still amazed that this game has arms and legs despite being created in such fashion (have in mind that previous acts were made in similiar fashion and that game wasn't supposed to be one big game, but three separate ones). Anyway, according to current "plan", the game will end in a way that leaves a gateway for a sequel. That means that even after finishing the game, there will be some unanswered questions left. Some may hate that kind of endings. I hate such myself. However Divinity Fatum's universe is part of far bigger one, which may be a place of action for another game that I may start working on after dealing with DF.

Next, there was a suggestion that I could release save states letting players start from either 2nd or 3rd act. I've noticed that there are people who play the game after every update for even these 10 minutes of additional gameplay, but usually they have to replay whole game in order to get to the new content. It occurs mostly because I often apply some changes to previous acts as well, which in fact make it impossible to start the game from a save state from previous version of the game. Because of that it seems to be the only fair way to let players enjoyably experience updates. These save states will be available to download in "Download" section on official blog (http://divinityfatum.blogspot.com/) until the game's final release.

And finally... screenshots time. This time there are two screenshots of new location and a picture of an event that will take place further in the story:

That would be all for now. To the next one. Cheers.

Progress Report

First Martyr Battle WIP (explicit)

As mentioned in one of past posts here, in contrary to previous acts of the game, final - third act - will have a battle feature. There won't be any random encounters, though. I intend to make every battle in the game to be a boss battle. With this, it is - in my opinion - somewhat necessary to present such enemies more representatively, than any usual mob.
Enemies in Divinity Fatum's III Act are called "Martyrs". Why? You may try to figure it out.
Next thing to do is to configure whole battle system and everything that will matter in a battle (that means: weapons, stats, skills etc), as you may have noticed that "battle" so far depends on simply attacking enemy until it dies (not mentioning that it doesn't even fight back for now). There will be also a bit of additional scripting for that battle, so it adds another chore to take care of...
As for dialogues, I'm aware they're quite... vulgar now. I hope nobody will mind that. I wanted to show somewhat more real world than in previous acts and in our own world vulgarity is simply far too common to try making this game while avoiding such language.
Not mentioning that there were already alleged rape scenes, so few curse words shouldn't be really that bad IMO.
Anyway, I hope that it looks at least a bit cool so far. Werther's theme (that's this Martyr's name) may sound kinda out of place, but I wasn't really able to find other suitable track so far (I wanted to avoid your usual rpg battle music). I may change it in the future, but honestly I kinda grew to like it, actually. However it is worth mentioning that every Martyr will have it's own music theme.

And well, that would be all for now. To the next one.


Divinity Fatum Art Gallery "Contest"

Some of you may be aware of the game I am working on. Some time ago I mentioned on game dev blog ( divinityfatum.blogspot.com/ ) that I consider putting some kind of easter eggs etc. One of the ideas was putting in the game something like an art gallery, where player could watch pictures from that appeared in game, fanarts or whatever.
Altrough I backed off from idea of putting some random easter eggs, I somehow menaged to mix art gallery into actual game plot.

So, the thing is: there is no Art Gallery without art, right? As you can see, this one is currently full of empty frames waiting to get filled with some pictures.
There are 30 frames to fill, thus I'll pick 30 out of all submitted arts and put them in the game.
Theme of exhibit held in this Art Gallery is "Images of God". To explain further - artists show their own visions of god. You don't have to draw God the way he looks like in any of the religions. You can be (or even you should be) more creative - if you wish, you can depict god as some kind of symbol, it can be an animal-looking being, or some kind of human-like one. One most important think, though. Have in mind that you're drawing something that is supposed to be a god. Because of that, try making pictures to look as divinely, majestic or/and mysterious as possible. Another important note is that I accept only digital arts, as traditional ones simply wouldn't fit. By taking part in this "contest", you also agree to let me make small changes to your picture (like cropping it a bit, adding certain filters etc) which wouldn't change idea of the picture. You can send me links to pictures via notes or by commenting in under this blog. Finally, in exchange for pictures, you will appear in credits roll. I'm aware that it's not much of a prize, but I can't really offer much either - especially when the game is for free. "Contest" will last for over a month, so you have time to send pictures until March 23. If we won't get enough pictures, I'll sadly have to exchange pictures with some simple dialogues, describing some random arts.

So, to summarize all that:
1. Theme for pictures is: "Images of God"
2. 30 pieces will be picked and put into the game
3. Only digital art
4. By participating, you agree to let me make minor changes, without changing idea of picture.
5. If your art will be picked, you will appear in credits.
6. You have time until March 23

That's all for now. Depending on how things will turn out, some parts of this "contest" may change.

Progress Report

Act III teaser

So, work on act III is going rather smoothly. I have whole main story written down. Also I agreed with myself on form of this final act. At first I wanted it to be something more like hm... detective game, or just typical adventure game. However after thinking about it for longer time, I concluded that if I kept my original concepts for previous acts (act I - endless wanderfest, act II - linear story, almost like reading a book), I should also do the same with third act.

In my original concept this third game was supposed to be more of an rpg, than adventure game. Main reason for that were occasional battles that would occur in that game. These fights however won't work exactly like in your common vanilla rpg, where you walk around and out of nowhere random monsters pop up in battle sequence. As I mentioned before, fights in Divinity Fatum will be occasional. That also suggests that they'll be evented instead of just happening out of the mist. To elaborate, when you'll be supposed to meet with monster, you'll get into it's realm - let's say. If you're familiar with anime titled Puella Magi Madoka Magica, imagine that you'll be fighting mobs in DF in similiar way that heroines of this anime fighted with witches. Why would I go so far with simple fights? As almost everything in Divinity Fatum, these fights would also be somewhat symbolic and for that reason I'd like to make every battle as original and memorable as possible.

Another thing worth mentioning is how you'll move around the game world in final act. Like in the first act, action in third one will also take place in a city. It won't be and endless city though, but just normal city with means of transport. Because of that we won't have to walk for a hour from point A to point B. Instead of this, we'll have a map of the city with list of places which we can visit.
Finally, I have prepared few screenshots showing current progress. I'm aware there is not much of it yet, but it won't hurt showing it to you, anyway:

Salomon's Home Theme

City Theme

Honestly, I'm kinda curious and at the same time a bit worried whenever my concept for the final act will be taken positively, as it will differ greatly from previous acts.
Also, I'll probably release a demo after first battle sequence, to see what you guys are thinking about that.

Dats all. Cheers.

Progress Report

Delayed update/fix

After a long time, I finally menaged to complete the task that I wanted to get done before next upload - grammar and spelling issues, that is. With help of Naturalflirtgamer I probably got rid of most of mentioned errors. He basically replayed whole game, checked every sentence and wrote down all mistakes. Shamefully, there were little over 12 pages of corrections. Hopefully this will make game more pleasant and easier to understand for future players. Thanks for all that help and that you actually had both time and will to do something like that.

Besides that, I also took care of some other minor bugs. List of all changes can be read below:

  • Took care of grammar and spelling issues

  • Fixed problem of getting to interact with TV on street 24

  • Fixed graphical glitch triggered by opening up map in certain locations of 2nd Act

  • Changed Title theme

  • Changed logo picture

  • Probably some other stuff I don't remember about anymore

So, as usual you can grab latest demo in Downloads section. Eventually you can wait until I'll release demo with a glimpse of 3rd Act. On that matter, I had prepared about half of the plot so far. I could wait with making resources and scripting the game until I would have whole plot written down, but on the other hand I will be more motivated to work on the game if I'd actually see some progress by myself. Second act of the game was created in similiar way, so it may work out with final one as well.

And this is all for now. Cheers


Update and something more

Hi everybody. I wish to announce that I've slightly updated demo. It's not update of story, but rather fix of some issues and basically technical stuff. So, to not prolong that any further, here's list of changes made with newest update:
  • Added splash screens - game rating and logo
  • Added difficulty setting
  • Added hotkey for map
  • Made machete to disappear from inventory after Stab Town
  • Fixed issue with mysteriously disappearing TV in alleyway on street 24
  • Corrected some typos and made small changes in text here and there

Also, I've been thinking about adding some new 'events' - not really related to story or game progression. These would be things like gallery, or music room, where you could watch some pictures related to the game, or listen to music used in game. I also thought about maybe doing some idle actions for game's protagonists, like dunno... dancing, doing some basic gymnastics or whatever (at first I thought about that jokingly, but considering it further, it could be a pleasant thing to add). I may also consider putting some easter eggs later on - just for fun. There is a way to access 'debug room' already, so I could add some more stuff like that (for example I was thinking about making a small chance of triggering event with elevator, where instead of going instantly on choosen floor, you see elevator from inside - elevator music playing and Protagonist making some commentary on that). Ofc if anybody would have any additional ideas, I'd gladly listen to them and consider.


Updated Walkthrough

Hi. Just want to announce that updated walkthrough for Divinity Fatum is already done. Altrought with new Intuition system, it may seem unnecessary, there are few informations that may be of interest for some. Basically, it consists of short description of which clue is where and what is necessary to get them, how to get to certain endings or acts of the game, basic instructions, few tips and most importantly - expanation of how map in this game works. Yes, this seemed to be such issue that I found it necessary to explain how it works as best as I could.
You can find updated walkthrough on game's profile, or eventually check it out here:

Anyway, I hope it be of some help.
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