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Deep in the core of the Mario world, there is a mysterious star-shaped crystal that is said to hold the balance of all life forms . Without it, everything alive would slowly start to disintegrate. Mario has been planning for Bowser's next attack, but he never came. Instead, he was digging a hole to obtain the crystal star. Mario and Luigi were just sleeping in chairs outside the castle, waiting and snoring... waiting and snoring. Suddenly, a Toad woke them up and explained about the crystal star and how Bowser had obtained it and that they needed to defeat Bowser as soon as they can or they would be doomed. Mario and Luigi set off, but they don't know what Bowser did to the star... until it hits Mario. Literally. One of the star shards falls and hits Mario in the head. They then realize that they need to get all the shards before they can save it. So their quest begins.

Info & Notes

This game split up into six worlds, with 15 levels in each. Due to the large amount of levels in each world, each world has two themes that go together. For example, World 1 is a Grass/Forest world.

This game has a optional tutorial after the intro level in case you are new to SMBX or just don't know how to play. The tutorial is recommended, because there are some new game mechanics that probably have not appeared in SMBX before.

Only Mario and Luigi are playable in this game. This is because of two reasons. One, the levels are made purely for Mario and Luigi, and two, like the story says, only Mario and Luigi set off on this quest.

Latest Blog

The most complicated HUB in SMBX.

I'm making progress on this. 2-6 is done, and 1-1 is well under development. I just realized that, with the shard system, the HUBs are going to be pretty complicated. So complicated I almost had to scrap the idea. You have to play all 15 levels without stopping, but once you get the shard in a area you can play any level in the area without having to do them all. It'll be complicated, but it's happening.
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  • KingOfKoopas
  • Super Mario Bros. X
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  • 06/17/2013 08:35 PM
  • 06/19/2013 09:26 PM
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