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Chessmaster's Challenge v1.6.2

Yet another new patch for Chessmaster's Challenge v1.6 is available to download. What's new? Well, there are some to mention, for example:

- Transit Point chest now deposits 50/100/150 golds, depending on which path player is currently on;
- Healing effects now can get through protection and/or magic immune spells;
- Enemies may drop gems more often;
- Several tweaks on enemies as well as playable characters; and
- Some new enemies awaiting in Easy and Medium paths, namely Watchers, Birdmen and Sketelons.

Check the CHANGELOG for more info.

If you already have previous version of Chessmaster's Challenge (namely, v1.6 prior to this update), you can just grab the patch and place it in the existing game folder in your harddrive. Also, since the first build of v1.6, your old savefiles can work with the latest build.

Download the patch here:


Chessmaster's Challenge v1.6.1 update Sept 15, 2019

A new patch for Chessmaster's Challenge is available to download. It fixes several issues and most importantly: old savefiles can work with the new version of the game. (Dev note: Savefiles from version 1.6 might work on current version. Savefiles from version 1.5 might not work with the current version.)

Another change in this patch is now some rooms may have different battle background, as shown below:

Also, all skill icons have been replaced with iconsets provided by Lorc, Delapouite, Viscious Speed from game-icons.net, compiled by Johan86.

Download the patch (as well as new game build) in the links below. If you already have v1.6.1 build 010919, you can download the patch only and extract it inside the game folder.

And that's all for now. Cheers~


Chessmaster's Challenge v1.6.1 -- Now Available

Chessmaster's Challenge v1.6.1 is finally here. The update contains several new contents as well as improvements from previous versions.

What's new?
Welcome to the new Hall of Pawnsmoor.

The hall now has been enlarged, enough to accomodate either brand new and improved features and other stuffs available for Riftwalkers to check out. Rhasta and Leila get their respective posts, Well of Fortune now is placed in some suspicious corner, and now the Hall accomodates a place for player to test their party composition before entering into the challenges.

Need a hint?

Now, right before the gateway into the challenges, there is an NPC who will gladly greet player and relay information about each challenge path. They hold important hints about the secrets and what player should expect in the end of challenge path. You might want to take a note on what they may tell you, just in case you want to unlock certain achievements or to avoid certain encounters...

Some particular artifacts...

Introduced in this version "Sidegrade artifacts" that are obtainable via unlocked achievements related to certain characters. Each artifact has properties derived from the character which it originated from, giving another broad range of setups and playstyles of anyone wearing it.

Combat controls + Action Log

Now, Ring Command behaviors have been improved, reducing chance of mischosen commands when it's active. Also, now introduced Action Log which can be accessed by pressing when the Ring Command is not selecting Wait and Move commands.

New characters!

Now, in this update, four new characters are introduced into the Empty Tome:

Julia Almond: the eldest Almonds has arrived into Hall of Pawnsmoor along with her fiery arsenal consisting of time bombs, her trusty carbine, and a squad of artillery bombers at the ready to eliminate threats in the frontline;
Alice Almond: the youngest Almonds covertly slipped into the Hall. While she's rather subpar compared to her sisters, Alice makes up her lack of offensive powers with her cunning mind and a set of gadgets which are useful to sabotage enemies from behind the line;
Anna Candelifera: the anomaly of Kytheros somehow reached the Hall, bringing her along the way into the pitched battle against the Chessmaster. Cheerful, peppy and sometimes snarky, Anna may burn everything in her path into crisps; and
Mary Junkers: the courier and prospector from Kytheros whose existence anchored in realm between realities. With all stolen gadgets at her disposal, she may turn the table before everyone else realized it.
All of them are available after player unlocked achievements related to them. Refer to Achievement book to get the brief on how to unlock them.

And more!

Updated artworks, fixed bugs, reworked characters, new enemies, reworked AI behaviors and improvement on several in-game aspects. Check the CHANGELOG for more info.

Also, some separated videos showcasing some stuffs:

This one showcases the revamped Arphage and Iris

A recording on Resist/Weak popup on hit:

Latest one, showcasing some new characters

That's all for now about Chessmaster's Challenge updates.

Chessmaster's Challenge v1.6.1 is now available to download. Note: Savefiles from previous version is not working in this version.

Don't forget to join Crescent Sun Discord server for more info, updates or things related to Eremidia-related projects as well: https://discord.gg/u2EU9BT

If you find any bugs or have suggestions about this project, let me know via private message or post it in Crescent Sun Discord Server.

And that's all for now. Cheers~


Update v1.6.240619

New update for Chessmaster's Challenge is now available, which fixes few issues regarding splash/cleave damage calculations and inclusion of skill animation updates for several characters' abilities. Please check CHANGELOG for more info.

Once applied, the update may causing few glitches on old savefiles; you can still use your old savefiles after the game has been updated, but expect several minor visual issues.

To apply the update, download the update below and extract it in the game folder. The update will replace several files in Data folder and add a few new files in Graphics/Animation folder.

Download link: https://rpgmaker.net/games/5252/downloads/10719/


Chessmaster's Challenge v1.6 is Now Available

With this devlog, I'd like to announce an update for Chessmaster's Challenge: version 1.6, which is a continuation from the previous version (v1.5) released around two months ago and marks the status of this project as a complete, standalone project.

There will be some more updates in the future as well as some more contents to add, so yah, this project will be active for a while.

What's new in v1.6?
  • Reworked core gameplay: redesigned battle grid from 8x4 to 8x3, several improvements around battle mechanics, the introduction of "Randomized Companion Battle" as a replacement for battle sandbox mode, and the level design;
  • Additional playable characters: in v1.6, there are 60 playable characters obtainable via unlocking achievements. Now, as a follow-up of the reworked core gameplay, it's far easier to obtain new characters;
  • The introduction of Characters Trait: to give another edge in tackling the challenges Chessmaster has to offer, each party member can synergize with others with same trait and/or element, granting bonuses to the entire party members;
    UI updates: menu and battle UIs have been retouched to improve readability and provide more bits of information (state inflict and action log for combat scene are yet to be implemented); and
  • Several tweaks and fixes: numerous stuffs have been tweaked and fixed along its development from the game's previous version. Check CHANGELOG.txt for more information about the tweaks, fixes and known issues around the game.


Chessmaster's Challenge latest patches are now available

To be honest, some new patches for Eremidia: An Empty Tome - Chessmaster's Challenge have been published earlier in itch.io, but I've decided to post the patches here anyway.

There are two prominent patches for Chessmaster's Challenge, both serve as updates for several things, major and minor alike.

In order to update the Chessmaster's Challenge, after downloading and extracting the main game files, please download these patches and extract them into the main game's folder in the exact order shown below.

In this version, the major change lies in the addition of character cut-ins when casting abilities in battle. Several minor updates including INT stat now actually affects spell damage, quick access to party members' skills and equipment in the main menu and some other subtle quality-of-life improvements around combat mechanics.
Link to the patch: https://rpgmaker.net/games/5252/downloads/10630/

This patch fixes minor visual things and a little adjustment on one of Witchiko's spells.
Link to the patch: https://rpgmaker.net/games/5252/downloads/10631/

That's all for now.


Tech Demo Available

Hello again.

As I've mentioned in previous devlog, the newest "tech demo" of Eremidia: An Empty Tome is about to be released; and it is the time to announce that said "tech demo" is now available to download. The "tech demo" itself has some contents and experimental features that, when I took a second glance at the entirety of said demo, it would be better if the game is wrapped in a separate project. Hence, Eremidia: An Empty Tome - Chessmaster's Challenge is conceived.

Chessmaster's Challenge is a game heavily emphasized in gameplay; it showcases most of An Empty Tome's combat mechanics and party management, things that are also the main focus in the main project. That being said, for those seeking compelling story and/or character development, I'm afraid Chessmaster's Challenge is not for you.

That's all for now. Don't forget to give Chessmaster's Challenge a try, and I hope you like it.



Hello again. Also, get ready for a surprise~!

So, it has been a while after the last update, huh...

To be frank, the development of Eremidia: An Empty Tome was halted for a couple of months because of several reasons (I can't blame my daytime job for this, anyway, but the fact says otherwise). The Act 2 of the game has been shelved for months; in fact, I'm reconstructing the storyline and rewriting everything from the scratch due to inconsistencies between one element to another.

Besides, the Great Library is supposed to be the last place Scout and party will visit. In the game demo, Great Library is the first place they will visit, so... yeah.

In the other hand, the game itself received lots of reworks and improvements thanks to people who willing to give it a try since the demo was released back in August last year. Also, among all things that holds up together, the battle system is the one that grows stronger over time--not gonna lying, I've thrown a "technical demo" of the game in Crescent Sun discord server for testing and evaluation purposes, and that's one of reasons why the game is still developing despite its "hiding from the radar" status.

And by the way, here's one of the latest recordings from the "technical demo build". Some improvements are showcased in this video. Take a look.

Along with this brief devlog, I'd like to invite you to Crescent Sun discord server, where most of updates and things in developments are posted and discussed there.


That's all for now, I guess. Cheers~

P.S.: If you wonder where's the new demo, it's not here. I'm still unsure if I'll upload it here. For that reasons, the demo is currently available only in Crescent Sun discord server.


Development Reiteration; Current Status of the Project

So, uh, first of all, hello and thanks for having tested this game since its first inception back in 2013. The game has been rebuilt several times and each iteration improves the game in many aspects; every feedback is very much appreciated and proven helpful in shaping the game in better ways. And for that, have a cake from Rachel!

As per late 2018, I've decided to make the game low-profile while working on the contents that are yet to be included. While I can't promise much from the project, I'm trying my best to keep the development running until the game is ready to be delivered as a whole thing instead of several bits and pieces like what I did in the past.

Maybe I won't make much devlogs from now on, might as well skipping the monthly devlog schedule altogether.
If you're interested in seeing how the project's development going so far, you can check it in a dedicated Discord server as well as an opportunity to give the prototypes I've made a try.

I'll put the twitter link where most of my stuffs are usually showcased; devlogs, artworks and stuff. https://twitter.com/richter_h_

And of course, although I'm not that active in Discord RMN server, you can find me there. In fact, I'm more active there than here in this site.

Maybe that's all for now. Cheers~

Progress Report

The Calm Before the Storm...

Last month was a major, if not a big month for this project. A playable demo has been added into the page so people know what I've made so far. The demo itself is far from perfection, I admit, but at least it was well-received by majority of players despite the shortcomings. A definite success, I'd say.

After working on a bunch of patches, I decided to take a break from development. It's not that I'm lazy or running away from my job on this project; the Arc 2 is a beast that a proper preparation is highly required. In fact, I forgot to make this devlog last week due to the exhaustion from my routines as well as this project. Talk about Arc 2, some real prominent characters are about to make their appearance as the story unfolds and a major conflict is about to happen. Yes, the Mad Queen herself has joined into the fray!

The game itself received a lot of improvements pre and post demo depolyment. I'm gonna throw down sample of the improvements I've added into the game (some might have not been added into the demo, by the way)

I know this devlog is kinda short since I was focused more on deploying a demo. Also, since currently I'm not working on the project when I'm writing this devlog, this month's devlog will be kinda short as well.

That's all for now, I reckon. Cheers~
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