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Chessmaster's Challenge v1.6.2

Yet another new patch for Chessmaster's Challenge v1.6 is available to download. What's new? Well, there are some to mention, for example:

- Transit Point chest now deposits 50/100/150 golds, depending on which path player is currently on;
- Healing effects now can get through protection and/or magic immune spells;
- Enemies may drop gems more often;
- Several tweaks on enemies as well as playable characters; and
- Some new enemies awaiting in Easy and Medium paths, namely Watchers, Birdmen and Sketelons.

Check the CHANGELOG for more info.

If you already have previous version of Chessmaster's Challenge (namely, v1.6 prior to this update), you can just grab the patch and place it in the existing game folder in your harddrive. Also, since the first build of v1.6, your old savefiles can work with the latest build.

Download the patch here: