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In the world of Alitura, life is normal: just how it seems. But one day, time stops. A young man stumbles across a warrior, who is unknown of his surroundings.

Venturing on, the two find a portal, which sends them through time, back to the warrior's world, where they find out time and space is nothing more than chaos itself.

They must stop the chaos and find the crystals that protect time itself, and defeat chaos altogether.

Some of the features of Final Fantasy - Edge of Time:

- New Job System with more than 25 jobs, including new additions such a Psychic and a SageMaster!
- Travel to some iconic places in the Final Fantasy series.
- New spells and skills!
- Over 20 playable characters, at least one from every Final Fantasy game in the main series!
- New Systems including a Party System, where you can change Party Members at anytime.

Completed (so far):

- 80% of the skills.
- 10% of items (including armours and weapons).85%
- 5% of maps.
- 12% of enemies/troops.
- 70% of class system.
- 95% of characters (bio, parameters, etc.)
- 85% animations.

Battle Features

- Many skills from previous FF games, including Fire, Cure, Gravity and even Ultima!
- New and old status effects such as Poison, Stun and the new 'Freeze' status!
- Summon Espers to your side for aid in battle! (Over 20 Espers!)
- Battle System similar to games like Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI!

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"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
I still don't get the... joke?
whren will we c more on this game
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