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General Features:

- Approximate game length – about 10 hours
- 7 playable characters, each with their own weapon preference and special moves
- Travel through a variety of sci-fi locations, ranging from space stations to mutant labs, utopian cities to battle-torn cities, underwater bases to robot factories, and many others
- A story that’s full of twists and turns at every corner!
- Badass boss fights which will challenge you
- A battle system that allows characters swapping during the battle, which provides the player with a chance to optimize their strategy and involve the whole cast to take part in those challenging boss battles
- Complete various side quests by helping out the people in the cities
- A chance to make in-game decisions and build relationships with your team members, which will affect not only the ending, but also some of the future events too
- A single dynamic ending that changes its disposition between good, neutral, and bad, depending on major in-game decisions

The Plot:

This story takes place on a small group of planets and space stations dominated by a Sophorian alien race. In their society they also have some humans and one other alien race. The humans are said to be the survivors of an apocalypse and have come from the planet Gaia, which is now known to be a war-torn wasteland. The Sophorians still continue to look for more human survivors, however, and fully integrate them into their society. The latest human arrivals have been put on the space station Chimera.

However, a few months later a conflict had occurred on Chimera. One of the humans created a small following and initiated a rebellion against the Sophorian government. The Sophorian government responded to it incredibly quickly and immediately issued troops to quarantine the entire station and kill every human on it!

Why was there a need for such drastic measures? And why did that small group of humans revolt so suddenly? What’s Sophorian government planning exactly and with what purpose? It is now up to you to start your journey amidst the conflict on Chimera, travel from planet to planet, assemble a team, and eventually get to the bottom of this.


Latest Blog

Updated to version 1.4

Hey everyone.

I've just made a big update on the game. It is now v1.4.

Here is a list of changes made in this version:

- Created two difficulty modes: Casual and Original
- Added Ammo Stations to the game on Casual mode
- Some enemy abilities have been locked on Casual mode and are only used in Original
- Reduced encounter rate in some areas
- Balanced enemy resistances
- All enemies that didn't drop money before, now drop sellable items
- Each playable character now has an attacking skill that uses no ammo
- Some skills will now be acquired at earlier character levels
- Slightly increased actor hit chance/accuracy
- Increased EXP gain from some early game enemies
- Shortened healing and assault rifle fire animation lengths
- Turned down the volume of some sound fx
- Balanced item prices:
- Healing pills are now 15 astras
- Stimulants - 20
- Painkiller balms - 15
- Curative tonics - 15

In other news, Incitement 3 is now in the final beta stage of development and I am aiming for a release sometime in May.

Many thanks for the support.
  • Completed
  • Matseb2611
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Adventure RPG
  • 06/26/2013 11:33 AM
  • 06/12/2015 09:40 AM
  • 06/18/2013
  • 77542
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subbed but no download even though it says it is completed? love the sound of this one, would love to play it.
subbed but no download even though it says it is completed? love the sound of this one, would love to play it.

Thank you. The page just got approved, so I'm going to add a download link very shortly.
Played for about 30 min so far. This game is pretty cool. I usually can't stand the generated faces, but they actually fit really well in this game (particularly with the sophorians). And I like the little things like item tooltips and requiring ammo to attack/skills.

kwel so that means that I caught it mid-setup. I am downloading the game now and will let you know what I think in a few days.
Thank you both. I hope you enjoy the rest of the game, and I'll be very interested to hear on any feedback and critique.
I'm getting pumped up by the trailer alone! Are the musics of this game original? Did someone compose them for this title only?

I'll start playing it soon, and review it sometime.
Heya. Thank you for checking out the game. I hope you'll enjoy it. If you have any questions or are stuck, then feel free to ask.

As for the musics, no, most of them are either freebies posted on the forums or from resource packs, but I tried to make sure not to use much of the RTP tracks, since they are quite overused (you might only hear about 3-4 of RTP tracks and even then in very short scenes).
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
OK, so far so go :)

BUT, the bad buy is getting away and the good guys are looking for a key to extend the bridge or find another way across to get a ship to vacate the killing zone ;)

Since I'm playing on the smaller screen, although I'm not sure that really matters, I can't see all the little places to hide the key.

Can I get a little help please ???

Heya. Thanks for checking out the game. The key is actually on one of the dead bodies. It's the guy inside the office-like place just next to the door. :)
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
Matseb, that can't be true....
The main character says he is wasting time check all the dead bodies :) tried to throw me off hey ?? :)

OK, back to checking those smelly corpses. :(
Hehe, sorry about that. The ones at the very start didn't have anything, but some of the ones in the Sigma sector do have stuff on them, especially the troopers. Always keep in mind to check any dead troopers or soldiers for the upcoming parts of the game, because some of them have ammo and other goodies.
This game is well-crafted. I like the down-to-earth dialogue and the battle animations. I think the enemy drawings are also well-done. I am several hours into play. About to infiltrate the government office in the city at night. I like the absence of easy restoration points. Money is difficult to come by, but isn't really necessary. I also like the idea of ammunition.

I ran into a strange bug shortly after the alien Lieutennant joined my party in the base on the desert planet. Side-battling graphics for the characters appeared and were there in every battle. The bug disappeared when I reloaded a saved game.
Hello Zachary_Braun. I am glad to hear you're generally enjoying the game. Yeah, it can be a little hard in places (the last 2-3 boss fights might be particularly challenging, but there are strategies to beating them, so feel free to ask if you are struggling on those). The sequel will be made easier in difficulty, but will also a include a challenging difficulty mode in case someone does want more challenge.

Yes, you're right. I think that bug is related to one of the scripts and I think I know why. I'll try to fix it in the next update, but for now as you said, saving and re-loading the game fixes it. Hope you enjoy the rest of the game.
Currently trying to take down what may be one of those bosses. (Don't want to spoil anything for those uninitiated reading this.) Hits hard. Thank goodness for that Heal All skill. The AI a few hours back was also tough.

If I were to have one complaint about the game, it's that some early skills seem much more useful than some later ones. If both shots hit, Double Shot does about the same damage as Power Shot while also expending much less ammunition. I could also never find an appropriate place to use the elemental skills. Although, I am getting older, and I tend to prioritize skills that do the most raw damage... I like that most skills remained useful in some way throughout the game. Ha ha, remember going through Final Fantasy and those level 1 spells became useless over time? In this way at least, I'm glad that RPGs are evolving a little.

Looking forward to your next game.
Oh wow, cool. Glad to hear you've already gotten that far. Yeah, I'll try to make skills a bit more balanced in the sequel. I think the double attack skills at the moment have the best damage per ammo ratio. Hehe, yep, I do remember the early game skills becoming useless in FF games and other old school RPGs.

For the two final bosses, there are several strategies you can use. First of I would highly recommend using buffs, especially Enforce (team Def buff) and Regeneration Mist (team HP regen). Having the right equipment can be a life saver too. If you find Aelon or any other low Def characters getting killed too quickly, it might be a good idea to buy the Unblemished Armor (the best body armor) for him/them. The other characters can keep something a bit lesser (like Elite armor).

Shields will greatly help too since the elemental ones will decrease dmg from that element by 50%. The first of the final bosses pretty much only uses physical, fire, and cold dmg types, so it's best to put fire or cold shields to your team. Also worth noting, Anku, being a robot, has a good resistance to cold. And Darmek has a small resistance to fire but a slight weakness to cold (giving him a cold shield would mean he is slightly resistant to fire and cold).

Hopefully this will help you against the first of the final bosses. For the second one just have some protection against paralysis, keep buffing your team if he casts any of the debuffs, and also keep a note of which shield he activates - he will keep switching between physical and elemental shields. These last few bosses were initially even harder, but then I updated the game and made them slightly weaker (after some feedback). Though I might tone them down even more if they prove to be too hard. Thanks again for checking out the game. :)
how the hell do you get money in this game, none of the monsters seem to drop it, the only money I've been able to get is from the second boss. also I can't seem to be able to heal up anywhere making it very difficult to level up.
Hi. Where in the game are you at? If you mean the desert creatures, then yeah, I figured it would seem immersion-breaking if random monsters dropped money, but these parts of the game are rare. I do agree though that some aspects of it aren't as balanced as they should be (like the money drop rate or locations of the health stations). I'm probably going to release an update very soon, so hopefully that will make things better. The second game will definitely improve on these aspects too.
Well, I am going to have to give the entire thing a playthrough and then give you a review (seeing as nobody has yet, which kind of sucks cause this deserves a review). I should have some extra time this week, consider this thing beaten, lol.

On another note, your music on this fits perfectly, especially things from that 'hyde' guy. You should really go tell people to buy his stuff.... lmao. But no, you did do very well choosing the right music for the right scenes. I am very picky with how music is used myself and I honestly believe you did awesome.
Hehe, thanks Hyde. Yep, your music definitely fits with some of those boss fights. I shall greatly look forward to your review then and hope you enjoy the game.
Downloading and playing this one and later the 2nd part too(that i have previusly download). I will made a letsplay about it, but in Spanish, will you mind if i do? when it happens i post here the link, only ask for your approbal. I think this 2 game are a very goods ones.

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