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Updated to version 1.4

Hey everyone.

I've just made a big update on the game. It is now v1.4.

Here is a list of changes made in this version:

- Created two difficulty modes: Casual and Original
- Added Ammo Stations to the game on Casual mode
- Some enemy abilities have been locked on Casual mode and are only used in Original
- Reduced encounter rate in some areas
- Balanced enemy resistances
- All enemies that didn't drop money before, now drop sellable items
- Each playable character now has an attacking skill that uses no ammo
- Some skills will now be acquired at earlier character levels
- Slightly increased actor hit chance/accuracy
- Increased EXP gain from some early game enemies
- Shortened healing and assault rifle fire animation lengths
- Turned down the volume of some sound fx
- Balanced item prices:
- Healing pills are now 15 astras
- Stimulants - 20
- Painkiller balms - 15
- Curative tonics - 15

In other news, Incitement 3 is now in the final beta stage of development and I am aiming for a release sometime in May.

Many thanks for the support.


Updated to version 1.3

Just a quick heads up that I've made a number of small changes to the game to make it a bit more streamlined.

Changes in v1.3:
- Fixed a bug where a switch causes the battle system to turn partially side view
- Reduced the encounter rate in some areas
- Increased EXP and money rewards from some enemies
- The merchant on Chimera station now sells spare ammo
- Added more Health stations
- Fixed some typos and other minor errors

Many thanks to everyone for feedback. And just in case thought I'd mention again that the second game has been in development for a while now and will soon be released. Here is its page: http://rpgmaker.net/games/5775/


Incitement 2 on RMN

Just wanted to make a quick announcement that the sequel, Incitement 2, now has its own RMN page, which you can find here:


All the future announcements and updates about it will be on there.

Thanks for the support! :)


A definite sequel

Hello. Thought I'd quickly mention that there'll definitely be a sequel to this game. I've already been planning out a lot of the plot and characters and going to begin working on the gameplay aspects very soon.

If anyone has any suggestions that I should consider in regard to the improvements from the first game, then please feel free to share them.


Updated to Version 1.2

Hey everyone. I've just updated the game to version 1.2.

The changes in this update are the following:

- Reduced difficulty of 3 bosses in the ending stages of the game
- Reduced difficulty of the arena mini-boss
- Reduced difficulty of regular enemies in the final area
- Added an automated shop in the Root base prior to the boss
- Created and added Health stations in several areas (these Health stations will heal the party entirely and bring anyone back from death, but they do not restore ammo)
- Reduced Paralysis state duration from 2-4 turns to 2-3 turns.

So make sure to pick this version up if you've got one of the older versions. If you want to see all the changes in each version, then check in the file 'Version updates' inside the game folder.

Thanks for the support and enjoy the game!
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