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Updated to version 1.4

Hey everyone.

I've just made a big update on the game. It is now v1.4.

Here is a list of changes made in this version:

- Created two difficulty modes: Casual and Original
- Added Ammo Stations to the game on Casual mode
- Some enemy abilities have been locked on Casual mode and are only used in Original
- Reduced encounter rate in some areas
- Balanced enemy resistances
- All enemies that didn't drop money before, now drop sellable items
- Each playable character now has an attacking skill that uses no ammo
- Some skills will now be acquired at earlier character levels
- Slightly increased actor hit chance/accuracy
- Increased EXP gain from some early game enemies
- Shortened healing and assault rifle fire animation lengths
- Turned down the volume of some sound fx
- Balanced item prices:
- Healing pills are now 15 astras
- Stimulants - 20
- Painkiller balms - 15
- Curative tonics - 15

In other news, Incitement 3 is now in the final beta stage of development and I am aiming for a release sometime in May.

Many thanks for the support.