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VorlorN features emotional storytelling, interactive environments, enchanting music, and compelling action, all of which come together to bring to life this dark world for you to explore. This action-adventure game introduces puzzles that are thought-provoking, advanced stealth mechanics to avoid intelligent enemies, an action-based battle system that makes combat intense, and visuals with complementing sounds that create living, breathing environments. These core elements are focused on creating a captivating atmosphere and entertaining gameplay to create an unforgettable experience.

The Narrative
There is a cloaked vagrant who goes by the name of Donavin.
He is trying to do the impossible. He is on a quest to find the citadel of lore.
If somehow by miracle he does find it, I fear that it will only be the beginning of his journey.

■ No additional files are required in order to play this game.
■ If you enjoyed playing this game, please spread word about it.

Many mysteries will be confronted but one question continues to remain:
“Is there a way to bring her back?”

Latest Blog

Featured Game

I’ve been away for a while, beginning around the time when everything started to get quiet, and I come back to this! I am astonished and thankful for all of the support. After spending roughly a year of my free time and putting my heart and soul into it, seeing my game get featured makes me realize even more that what I created is important, not just to me but to others. I hope that with being featured and as more people recognize my game that I help inspire others in their game making endeavors.

I also have a couple of announcements which I hope won’t be disappointing to any of you. The final version of VorlorN has been uploaded for some time now. In the past I had thought about adding new areas to the game or making an alternate version but it is safe to say now that this is not going to happen. There will also not be a sequel or a prequel but there is a possibility of a spiritual sequel in the more distant future. With that said, I will still update this page from time to time.

My second announcement is that I am putting the RPGMaker programs behind me. RPGMaker has been a great tool in creating what I wanted to create in the past but I believe now that its limitations are holding me from my true potential. Therefore, I have already begun making simple games that can be played not only on desktop computers but also on smartphones and tablets. My next blog post will most likely be more about this. I look forward to the future of things to come and I hope you do to.
  • Completed
  • Nakazu
  • RPG Maker XP
  • Action Adventure
  • 07/01/2013 07:00 AM
  • 06/02/2019 12:55 PM
  • 08/01/2013
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I like the dark and mysterious atmosphere in this. The visuals are definitely promising. Subbed( Happy to see another serious XPer's project.
"I cannot complain when your icon of choice is a penguin"
Looking good! The profile customization looks great.

I hope the game can shake off the RTP. It'd be nice to see some more original tilesets. We're going through the process of making our tilesets and I can tell that it'll be worth it in the end.

Best wishes for the project.

This looks great. Like JayjeAthravein, I like the dark and mysterious atmosphere. Consider me a +1 subscriber.
I came here for the CSS.

And then I came for the game.
What a great usage of CSS. *Totally jelly*
I don't know if I'm just daft, but I'm finding the controls a little hard to figure out. I can't figure out how to use shift and space to jump over the chasm.
It looks totally cool and I really want to keep playing.
You need to hold down two keys, the shift key and the right arrow key. Then you need to press the spacebar by the chasm to jump across it.
seems promising :) I will be sure to rate, once i played it :)
how to defeat the first monster ?? :s
The scroll that is right before the battle gives a big hint.
"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
how to defeat the first monster ?? :s

Jump da pit 'n light dat shit...

So essentially jump from either the north or south side of the pit to the platforms with the torches and set them ablaze with your torch IIRC.
Thanks everyone for replyin,but I did try jumping.He just won't jump :(
Try again, remember to push the sprint button to when you jump. :)
Also, when you approach it, remember to jump INFRONT of the touches, NOT BESIDE it. That did the trick for me :3
Thankyou so much everyone I've done it.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
looks interesting :D ill give thoughts on it after i played it
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
ok started playing
first issue is none of the buttons for the controller have the shift effect or space
im using a ps controller and square should probably run in this game but it moves left instead and the l/r buttons also move which is unneeded
if this could be fixed or if someone can post a way to fix this id would make the game alot more enjoyable
ok other then the controls issue this is a great game so far

gonna put the game on hold until i can get a fix for that tho :3
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