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Featured Game

I’ve been away for a while, beginning around the time when everything started to get quiet, and I come back to this! I am astonished and thankful for all of the support. After spending roughly a year of my free time and putting my heart and soul into it, seeing my game get featured makes me realize even more that what I created is important, not just to me but to others. I hope that with being featured and as more people recognize my game that I help inspire others in their game making endeavors.

I also have a couple of announcements which I hope won’t be disappointing to any of you. The final version of VorlorN has been uploaded for some time now. In the past I had thought about adding new areas to the game or making an alternate version but it is safe to say now that this is not going to happen. There will also not be a sequel or a prequel but there is a possibility of a spiritual sequel in the more distant future. With that said, I will still update this page from time to time.

My second announcement is that I am putting the RPGMaker programs behind me. RPGMaker has been a great tool in creating what I wanted to create in the past but I believe now that its limitations are holding me from my true potential. Therefore, I have already begun making simple games that can be played not only on desktop computers but also on smartphones and tablets. My next blog post will most likely be more about this. I look forward to the future of things to come and I hope you do to.


New and Improved

This is not a big update but quite a few changes have been made to the game. Most of the changes are minor but they should make the overall experience of the game smoother. I would like to thank the very wise SnowOwl for playtesting the game and suggesting a lot of the changes that can be seen in this new version. I would also like to thank ParaNausea for the awesome first piece of fan art which can be seen in the new fan art section. If anyone has any feedback or wish to add to the fan art, that would be wonderful!


Minor Update

The game has been updated to make it easier in the beginning areas. Hopefully it will now just be challenging instead of frustratingly difficult. The update also fixed a couple of minor glitches and changed several unimportant details. There will most likely be another small update in the near term but I am still planning on a large update in the future that will expand the game. I hope this update makes the game more enjoyable and I hope to hear your thoughts on it.


The Past and Future

It has been one week since VorlorN has been released and there has already been over one hundred downloads and a let’s play that’s been started. I am happy with the progress and the support from the comments and messages. I would like to thank ParaNausea for the let’s play that’s thoroughly enjoyable and also to everyone who has subscribed to this page. The only thing left for me to do is update the game so I am now looking for your help, in the form of feedback, to help improve it.
I was thinking about making an expansion to VorlorN, likely near the end of the game. This would not only add a new side-quest and lengthen the game but possibly add a new gameplay mechanic as well. The new addition could be an item, ability, or something else entirely. If anyone has an idea of what this should be or what they would like to see, please tell me and it will be considered. Any suggestions are welcome.
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