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Atmospheric adventure


Although you probably already knew that.

Pre-warning: beware -- may contain spoilers or spoiler-esque comments. pls be warned

What Is It, Though?

VorlorN is an exploration game with puzzles and action mechanics. It's an artistic game, not in that it wants to make an artistic statement, but that it wants to provide an artistic experience to the player. You can explore a huge cavernous structure and find out how to outsmart the puzzles and monsters within. You are a hooded figure making the way through the highly symmetrical architecture trying to survive. You will dodge monsters, jump gaps, push boxes and jump on them to higher platforms, and generally explore a dungeon that reminds me somewhat of the Indiana Jones series.


VorlorN has got this unique way of structuring the architecture. It's almost completely symmetrical, with tons of neat shadow effects, sound effects and other audiovisual spectacularities. The developer has found a way to combine different types of tilesets seamlessly, and create a really atmospheric experience.

That's the one thing I'd recommend most about the game - the atmosphere. It's so thick in this game that you could cut it with a bread knife. You've got moody music playing as you traverse looming caves with just yourself as your own companion. It's a brilliant experience, not unlike Proteus in forms of creating an experience with visuals and sound.


The gameplay is seamlessly integrated with the visuals, providing a weird combination of spacey environments with attention-grabbing mechanics. The game plays pretty well, and includes pushing of boxes to get on top of them and keep walking. There is also such things as predicting monster behaviours, and dodging them as well as other moments.

Unique Quality

The game has such smooth, velvety mystery to it. Shrouded by darkness, a lone ranger is hooded and discovers the new structure. It is mysterious, the unknown is prevalent. This is part of what makes exploring what is next so gratifying... is because you do not quite know what is next at all.

VorlorN is a nice atmospheric game with satisfactory gameplay and beautiful visuals and mapping. There needs to be more interesting games like this which take the angle that this game took on the exploration genre.

Thanks for reading.