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Progress Report

Progress on Version 1.3

So, as of the typing of this, I have completely redesigned/redrew the game's maps- one that is more puzzle biased as opposed to using the battle system. I've also downsized the amount of boss encounters in favor of more unique types of enemies- as personally it wasn't as polished as I'd like it. This also should solve some of the main game play kinks you guys might not be such fans of. As much as I love difficulty levels being really high, I tried to steer more towards easy peasy land this time. So balance, maybe achieved!?

This means that once eventing and prelim bug testing is done, I shall roll it out.

Also, some minor story changes/endings will be included as well as battle fixes I've been talking about. Now, you have more tools at your disposal to do things with in the game, like single spell shots not dependent on your inventory which are recharged.

Just letting you guys know so that you know it's totally happening, regardless of some of the other projects I plan to release soon popping up!


Apologies! Some of you guys started in a DeBug Room!

Okay, everyone who downloaded the V.1.2 and started in a weird room all at once and didn't see the title screen should REDOWNLOAD, because it had started out in the debug room on accident. So, super apologies!
But if you like it so far- and don't want to redownload anything- then please continue!
Thank you all for your time, and for playing my game-
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