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A decade later

It's been ten years since the release of Story of Integra. So that means I've been working on the Godslayer for a decade? Well not quite. It's been in production for 10 years. I've worked on it for maybe a 1/10 of that time. During the year 2022 I possibly opened rpg maker for less than 10 times. I also have other projects that I'm working on. Including the pnp rpg set in the same world as the rpgmaker-games. But Godslayer will eventually be completed! Even if it takes another 10 years. I hope Windows 15 can still run Rpg Maker XP.

But a progress report? I think it's about 90% done.

There's nothing huge to add anymore. Just a lot of small things to finish. The real struggle is to create the multiple endings to many quests and add their consequences to other quests and dialogue trees. When I was excited I might have added a little too many meaningful choices to the game. There's also some serious playtesting and proofreading to do. My friends have already spent hundreds of hours playtesting different builds of the game. And they need to spend hundreds more.

Sadly I've also decided to cut two huge parts out of the game. First one to go was the "Ruling your own settlement sidequest/minigame". You can still become a major of a town through an interesting sidequest. But that's as far as it now goes for now. The second part on the cutting board was the even bigger "Become a pirate or pirate hunter questline". This was supposed to have multiple quests, factions, ship battles, boarding, upgrading your ship and crew, and a huge different world map on the open seas. Now you gain a ship just through the mainquest and can use it to access some islands. To cut these parts from the game was tough but it had to be done. They were too much work and there were even some sections I couldn't even figure out how to actually code. After the game is released I might return to these quests and finish, and release them. But for now, they are out.

So how long until it'll be released then? Well at least a year, maybe two. It depends how motivated I get from time to time.
But hey, Duke Nukem Forever took 15 years! Ok, a very bad example...

The laziest game producer ever
Matias "Tosi-Taku" Ahonen