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Acetonic Mushrooms is a comedy RPG Maker movie series. There is no gameplay and you don't need to press any keys for scrolling message boxes.
The second season is in production so there are only two episodes so far.

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  • 06/13/2007 01:06 AM
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I like this.. enso and the others are funny
How do i actually play the game im new
When you download the game you must extract it to the desired location using winrar. Then, open up the folder of the game and find the file labeled "RTP_RT" it will have a picture of the "alex" sprite next to the file name.
When will this be finished...?
Weird, I remember watching this, I even downloaded Episode 3 and 4 somewhere.
Ultima Island, I think.
Yeah, my curiosity for this's suddenly surged.

EDIT: Definately.
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