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In a world where chaos is frequent, lives Marana, a girl that lived behind iron bars for as long as she can remember, being locked and trained to fight by a mad wizard. One day she decides that it's best to try a risky attempt of escape than to rot in the same old cellar.

This game is basically a classic style RPG. I meant to make it so that the story and plot would be as good as those of official games.

Some people have criticized it for using too much RTP, but Most of the RTP is only in the very beginning of the game which I made I real long time ago.

I hope that all will enjoy it.

2010 Announcement:

I played this game again this year and I liked it. Being so, I decided to remake the parts which were made the first time I started messing with RPG maker.


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finished sooner than I expected and is now set up for dowload!!
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  • sam0el
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
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  • 05/18/2008 09:29 AM
  • 03/10/2022 07:04 PM
  • 11/24/2008
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You need a bit more information in the description.
Is the download broken for some reason? If it is, some one please do tell, thanks
Harmony problem fixed

thanks for alerting me =)
Played quite till the end...

The plot is decent, but it's unplayable (try giving some healing item and SERIOUS healing magic!!)
If you want to release another version in the future, here’s some ideas that you must think about:
1- Make some minor enemies respawn, so I can level up or get money.
2- Throw some healing items in shops, I can’t use the ones I have in battle because they're already few and I don’t know if I may need them again.

However, if you can't do any of both, then please make every party member gains exp, even the dead ones.
People really think more healing items are needed. I guess i'll post another version some time then... thanks.

The game can be kind of hard sometimes, if you find secret ambrosias tho it gets easier...
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