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Needs more work to become truly enjoyable

  • Healy
  • 03/07/2010 07:34 AM
Recently sam0el, the creator of this game, remade it to make it "a bit more professional." What was remade is indeed better than it was originally; however, the game still greatly needs improvement, particularly with mapping, balance, and spelling and grammar.

The intro is perhaps the most greatly improved; what was once a boring jog down two much-too-big hallways has been turned into a maze-like set of rooms with adventure game elements. Unfortunately, after that the only major changes (that I noticed) were that the dark elf town used a different chipset, and the dark elves themselves were renamed "Palefaces." Most everything else, including the spelling and grammar errors, of which there were and are many, remains intact.

The story is amateurish at best, and the frequent spelling and grammar errors do it no favors; the protagonist struck me as neither realistic nor likable. The battles are poorly balanced, with some, like the one with the dragon, being too easy, and others, like the ice woman in the crypt (which I barely managed to beat) being much too hard. Some events act oddly; chests disappear when opened, and the touch encounters this game uses don't regenerate upon re-entering the area. The mapping ranges from okay to bad; there are maps which do not use tiles correctly, have walkable edges that do not teleport you to a new map, are too big, or are just plain ugly to look at. Even some of the better maps could benefit by being trimmed down.

I must admit that I did not play through the whole game; I only got up to the snow forest before giving up. It's quite possible the game improves after the point. But the beginning of the game isn't very promising. To creator of Mistmoore Genesis, I'd advise making the beginning as good as he/she can make it as well as the rest, because if the player doesn't enjoy the beginning, chances are they'll never get to the end.


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Thanks for the review. I'm glad you would take your time to write this, even being negative.

Most of the critics are expected. The remake has basicly improved the beginning as you mentioned. The spelling is probrably true as well, even though i do not notice many. But being my first game, I would like to leave it at that.

I for one know it's not a classic, but years after building it, I felt that in a whole it tells a story, and is not terrible. I think it's very dificult to be completly professional, although I know it is possible.

I will leave it up for download for the ones who would play through the whole game and have a diferent idea. Although i won't promise they will have such a diferent idea from this review.

I would be pleased to see more comments even if negatives such as this one =)
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