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  • Mr_H
  • 04/12/2015 02:48 PM


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Withered Reason is a very story-driven game. I plan to make trailers highlighting the new features, but until then I just wanted to put out a trailer to show off bits and pieces of it. I had trouble keeping it within the current time length to fit with the song as it was. I wanted to do this for my subscribers too and those who have played the demo because progress isn't going as quickly as I want due to life obligations. I wanted to show them that all the characters from the demo are still present and have grown and developed over time. A short trailer isn't the best way to fully demonstrate this, but I felt it also gave the general impression of what the game atmosphere was like since it wasn't fully established in the demo
Well... I appreciate taking the effort to create a trailer, but I'm sorry to say that in its current form, it just doesn't work. I think we can all agree that trailers exist to get the potential audience excited in the project by showing off its strongest qualities and making it absolutely clear how the project advertised is worth playing as well as distinct from the competition. Here's how the game is described on its page (under the hide tag so that it doesn't take up too much space):

Join Aryn, a refugee from the war-torn Province of Yeminga. When the world he knows vanishes before his eyes, Aryn suddenly finds himself in the midst of a decades-long conflict that had been raging around him for his entire life. As the souls of the world converge, travel with Neis, a troubled girl looking to outrun her demons, Kuran, a battle-hardened tyrant who believed his past lay buried in the ashes of a once-proud civilization, and Zelan, a steward to the throne of Gehnan whose father's will to eradicate the seeds of a long-standing evil has found a new master.

Withered Reason is an RPG for the ages.

Turn the will of Turerre into a force to be reckoned with!

-Over 50 fully animated weapon skills to choose from
-Level-by-level character customizations give you the freedom to shape Aryn and his companions to your design
-Create powerful tools to tilt the battle in your favor
-Experience the story through the eyes of Turerre's many defenders of freedom
-Watch as your actions shape the world around you and alter the course of history!

Withered Reason is the product of a life-long passion for storytelling and video games. If there's one thing this project doesn't lack it's a powerful, moving plot.

The trailer doesn't introduce me to any of those characters; there are some people arguing and fighting, but I don't know any of their names, I can barely tell them apart and I don't know what drives them into conflict (partially because some text boxes flash by too quickly to read them properly.) Same is for the plot; there are 3-4 somewhat profound questions raised (old truth and new lie, etc.), but the footage that follows is tangentially related at best. You need this kind of connection; on their own these questions/statements are so vague you could apply them to half the RPGs out there with similar success rate.

Gameplay stuff fares about as well. It shows some animated skills, but plenty of RMN games have those, and it doesn't seem particularly special. The level-by-level customisation and "creation of powerful tools" is more exciting, but it's practically absent from the trailer. Showing actions change the world in a trailer is, in all fairness, nigh-impossible so I'll ignore it.

You do get to see many defenders of freedom, though. Too many, in fact. Please, just make more focused. Don't try to show every altercation in the game and instead focus on a couple of characters and make it clear why we should be involved in their fates and be concerned with the fate of this particular world over many others in fiction.

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