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Queen Mary’s Script is a tale of a young girl who finds a happy escape in her own dreams. She lives in a shell closed off from the world and only in her own room can she express her feelings. That is, until she happens upon the doll Clause and all at once, the magic she yearned for in her life is thrust upon her.

However, she soon finds that magic isn’t always what it looks like in books and dolls are just as selfish as humans.

It features:
- An original story with 100% original, hand drawn assets.
- A classical bgm featuring the likes of Chopin and Rachmaninoff
- Falcao ABS battle system customized specifically for this game
- Plenty of character secrets and dialogue

*The original QMS was released in 2013. QMSRetold is a complete overhaul of the game in both story, graphics and everything in between! It's a brand new adventure for both new and old players!*
While not necessary to play, Ringmaster Clause is a prequel to Queen Mary's Script.
You don't have to play it to get the full experience of QMS, but it does help provide more backstory for many characters that appear throughout the game!

Latest Blog

QMS Retold demo is released!

It took me a long, long time to finally get this out to everyone. But the QMS Retold demo is finally released!
A lot of love went into the demo and I'm very happy with how the game in general is going. I learned a lot from my nearly 4 years in the rpgmaker scene, so there's a stark difference between the original and the new version of QMS. I hope everyone enjoys it.

You can either download here or on tumblr
Please feel free to follow, critique, and share!
Thank you!
  • Completed
  • gabicho
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Adventure
  • 07/04/2013 10:02 PM
  • 04/29/2022 04:30 PM
  • 07/02/2013
  • 181975
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  • 6892


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I'm a dog pirate
This game looks kinda trippy! Interesting.
And you say that is your "first time?" BALDERDASH!

Thank you both! (●´∀`)ノ
My name's Toby. Yeh... Yeah.. YEAH!!!!
askjdlaskda this game looks weird~
In a good way!
subbed aswell!
I just definitely adore the unpolished, childish art style, which I think fits the game perfectly.

The writing however, could use some work and it did hinder my understanding of the story at times. Also, the lack of music at the beginning was slightly off-putting, but not entirely worrisome.

But minor things aside, the part that deeply bothered me the most was the pacing of the plot, which felt a little bit awkward. I felt like the plot didn't go anywhere when needed and when the ending finally drew closer, important plot details were thrown at your face.

For instance, there was barely any character development in the beginning, but all too suddenly the ending arrives and the characters undergo through great change, making you wonder what exactly ignited it, despite the fact that the characters seemed defiant to change throughout their journey. In other words, it just felt like the character development came out of nowhere, or maybe the characters motives weren't presented very well?

Overall though, I did find the game enjoyable. Because I'm a masochist. This game was just a breath of fresh air. It was short, sweet, but definitely worth the time.

A little insight on the characters Mary:
**From my understanding, Mary is 14-15 years old? o_O Or did I just misread it?
If she is, was there any particular reason why she talks/acts younger than she actually is? Like perhaps, her tenuous grasp on reality?
**Clause stop being a tsundere.
Thanks for your input!

Ahh. I did worry that I wasn't able to convey the character development as well as I had wanted to and really threw too much in your face at the end. I'm the type of person that writes without thinking of my audience first orz and it always nips me in the butt when I do.
Reading your comment though made me realize that the sort of rushed/awkward pacing at the end did show to the players, so I'll definitely work on that for my next games! Thank you so much for sharing with me!!
I didn't see your edit for a while! Sorry if this is a super late reply to it!!
Yes, Mary is 15. From a young age, she had already closed herself up from reality due to her brother. I wanted to show her as a girl who never really had a sound childhood. So at times, that childishness that never had a chance to flourish comes out; which is why she seems to act/talk younger than she is. It's like an adult that didn't get the chance to live out their teen years, so they are still incredibly immature.
If possible, when I start doing one shot manga chapters of QMS, I'd like to explore Mary's childhood a bit more. I don't feel as if I was able to make her as relatable a character as I had wanted to.
Also ahaha yes Clause's tsundere-ness is on an unreachable level ( ̄ー ̄)
Played for a while and I will be uploading the video soon. Unfortunately the sound wasn't recorded, but most of the time the music was really quiet or not playing at all. You should go in and check the sound levels for music and make sure all the maps actually have music paying.

The art style was interesting, a little rough around the edges in places. My biggest gripe is that the teleports were not obvious. Some places that seemed like doorways, were not, and too many teleports were just a single invisible event in the middle of a wide edge of the map with no indication it's there.

The story concept was unqiue. It's all so wonky the way he keeps saying random things that don't make sense, but since the main char kept saying how weird it was, I figured I'd just roll with it. Like she did. It's not my cup of tea, but it wasn't too bad.

The gameplay however, was pretty bad. The biggest problem is the hit detection in battles. It seems impossible to hit an enemy without getting hit myself. They keep respawning when I leave the room and I only have so much healing. It only gets in the way of the game and adds frustration. I can only hope that there isn't much more fighting because I could easily give up on it.

At one point you had a message box explain what all the buttons do. I read it, and tried to do stuff, but I couldn't easily figure it out. But there was no way for me to reread that message to figure out what the buttons were again. The menu system for changing characters and assigning things to the "hotbar" was very confusing. I barely figured out how to assign attack to the A button and I couldn't figure out how to add anything else or use any items. You can see it in the video. I think the reason I couldn't go any further is because I had a key but couldn't figure out how to even try to use it on a door.

If you could tell me how to move forward, I would continue to play. The video will show up under Media in a few days, but here's the link in the mean time http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHZOzGffJ7Y
This game's intro text is awesome.
@Link_2112: Thank you for your criticism.
The only areas that have music are the havens as the real world is supposed to be quiet and dull on purpose. Having the music so low is more of a personal preference. But if it's really a bother, then I'll make the bgm a bit louder next time.

"too many teleports were just a single invisible event in the middle of a wide edge of the map" I'm sorry to ask but could you give an example of where you found this? Even just saying which haven it was would be fine. Only because I had another person talk to me about this and I fixed all of the maps to give indication as to where the teleport spots were. Unless you've downloaded a version of this game other than the one uploaded here, I can't really think of where this sort of problem is. I genuinely need to know so I can fix it I'm not trying to be rude or anything lol.

As for the battle, I'll keep that in mind if I ever make another game with battling in it. I have no plans to ever use this script again. For this game, there isn't really much more I can do to it aside from making the doll familiars weaker. The hit distance for them is already at the lowest which is unfortunately two steps ahead. When I tried lowering it more, the enemies wouldn't respond.
Also, if you ever run out of healing, the dog character in each haven heals everyone up fully.

Keys are used automatically for any locked doors if you have them in your inventory.
The last area you were in in the video doesn't have a key to it which is why it says "it won't budge" instead of "it has a keyhole" as is usually the case if it needs one. Areas like this are used to hide Rhymes and can be opened with switches, which the dog doll explained about in the first haven.
I hate silence in games, even if it's a design choice. Any kind of ambient noise like..whirring of a fridge is better than dead silence. It seemed like some music was louder than others. Sometimes it was ok, but most of the time the music was too quiet.

Um, I don't remember exactly about the teles, and maybe I'm remembering wrong. If you fixed them I wouldn't worry about it, or watch the video and see if there is any.

Ok, well, yeah don't ever use that script again. If possible tell the creator how shitty it is and ask them to dissect it and banish the bits of code to the four corners of Antarctica. As long as there aren't any parts that will require fighting that are overly hard, it should be tolerable. Just barely.

I didn't notice that the dog heals, does he specifically say that? Is there any kind of sound or animation for it? It might be wise to make that very clear. It could be that I wasn't paying close enough attention.

It might seem clear to you about the locked doors, but not me. One of the biggest problems with new devs is not making things clear to the player because it seems so obvious to the dev. I've had that problem myself. If you don't want to say it outright, use simple examples to 'train' the player about the behavior of certain gameplay elements.

In any case, I still don't know what I need to do to get any further in the game.
I'll think about adding something to at least one or two rooms of the real world. The school probably could use it as well as the garden at least. I'll write that down for now. Thanks for the suggestion!

I'll look again. I could've possibly just missed and thought I fixed all of them. I mean I thought I fixed the text that ran outside of the message boxes but apparently I missed a few and didn't realize orzzz.

I think it's more that a script like this doesn't work for this game. Or I didn't have the skills enough to actually MAKE it work.

Hmm I thought I did give enough clues to train the player to look, but I could definitely make them clearer. I guess the biggest problem is players could miss the clues given if they don't happen upon those areas that give them, as they aren't necessary to complete the game. I'll think on how to make them clearer.

I hate to link to a walkthrough, but it's also in case you get lost further into the game. Here it is.

I'm actually planning to release a version that eliminates the combat as it's really the biggest thing people have complained about. As well as some general tweaks and improvements. Would you be more interested in that version? I'm planning to release it in the middle of the week.
The walkthrough will be fine. Um, if you make a new version I wouldn't really want to do everything over from the start. Unless my existing save would work or you provide one around the same spot I am at.

I think RPG battles would have been even worse, that's what I was expecting when I saw the menu. Some other kind of "funny" battle mechanics might work, like something based on menu choices. Like, "what do you want to do? punch it in the face, plead for mercy, or run like the wind" or some variant on rock paper scissors. Something as unorthodox as the game itself. But it would be easy for any battle mechanic at all to only detract from the game, which would function well as an exploration game.

It's possible that you put sufficient clues in but since some of the dialogue is kind of "out there", it's possible that people aren't cluing in heh Even other dialogues, I read them, but they don't always sink in because everything feels so disjointed. It's not exactly a bad thing, some people like that kind of avant garde stuff, but it does make it hard to follow at times. Making it even more important to clearly indicate certain things, like a message box that slaps you in the face to explain how you can heal at the dog.
Your save would work since I'm mostly tweaking things rather than changing them completely.
Actually.... Ever since your first comment, I've been playing around with the battle script. I found a way to change the attack patterns with a few workarounds. So the obnoxious default attacking over and over without allowing the player to get close is now gone. Now it's a lot smoother and easier to get past the smaller enemies. I just can't believe I didn't think of this method before. I could've saved people a LOT of trouble urgh.

Hmm that's true. I'll be looking closely at the dialogue and hints I gave when I edit them.
I forgot to say in my comment before but... You were absolutely right about how newer developers only think things are obvious because it's obvious to themselves. I wrote in a previous comment about how that's my main problem in anything. Be it writing stories, drawing manga, making games etc. I'm trying super hard to be careful of it with my next game.
In Amane's Doll Haven, it appears to be impossible to leave the unlit rooms without dying automatically. Possibly because of the two enemies outside of the door? It goes automatically to the death screen, then title, without showing the room. I restarted and everything was fine though.
Anyways, I started this game last night and I really enjoy it! The creepy-lolitaish style of it reminds me ever so slightly of Ib, but of course it has it's own flavour. And is that a Black Butler reference I see? It was very cute in general, I'd love to see more games from you!
Update: I was just fiddling around with my computer (it's been acting up) to replay, and I realized that you updated the game! However, I'm getting an error box that says as follows:
"Script 'Cache' line 106: RGSSError occurred.
failed to create bitmap"
Not sure why this happened, but I re-installed the RTP and it worked fine. Another glitch: in the second haven, you can hit Clause and drain his HP. Not sure about the others. Some of the enemies still run around after you kill them and deliver damage, but you can't damage them.
I'm so sorry for the late reply!!

The dying when you leave the unlit room is caused by an error in the fighting script. It's the same with the monsters moving around after you kill them. The script can't keep up with the deaths as they happen, causing things such as gamover conditions or death poses to be ignored at odd times. People get the automatic game over if someone in the party died in the previous room but the script didn't recognize the game over condition. Then they leave the room, and the gameover finally triggers. So what probably happened was someone died in the unlit rooms but it didn't give you the gameover until you changed maps. I'm sorry if that doesn't make any sense. I've tried everything to get the script to register these conditions and states when they happen but at rare times it chooses not to.

Thank you so much for playing my game though! It makes me so happy. Yes there was a Black Butler reference in the beginning! I'm glad someone recognized it haha.
Hello! This is Sycreala from Sycreala Studio:)

Many Chinese enjoy ur game,QUEEN MARY'S SCRIPT, and they would like to introduce more Chinese to play this game. Could u plz agree us to translate this game into Chinese? We would try our best to do!

Thank you very much! Looking forward to your reply.
PS: This is the website of our studio, if u have leisure, please have a look at it:)

I really enjoyed playing this game! It was so interesting and the atmosphere was fantastic!
I really enjoyed playing this game! It was so interesting and the atmosphere was fantastic!

Thank you so much!!
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