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QMS Retold demo is released!

It took me a long, long time to finally get this out to everyone. But the QMS Retold demo is finally released!
A lot of love went into the demo and I'm very happy with how the game in general is going. I learned a lot from my nearly 4 years in the rpgmaker scene, so there's a stark difference between the original and the new version of QMS. I hope everyone enjoys it.

You can either download here or on tumblr
Please feel free to follow, critique, and share!
Thank you!


QMS Retold

Just a quick update!
Queen Mary's Script is getting a revamp in February. It'll be a whole new experience compared to the original version. More information to come soon.


QMS updated with small fixes

Recently, I had went through and fixed a lot of the small bugs for QMS. This includes the bug that happens randomly when a party member dies. I changed it so you can now revive them!

I don't really feel right making a whole new download for this version since really nothing changed in terms of the overall game. But if you are interested, I uploaded it here:

I'm still torn on if I should just upload it here... orz. I may or may not.

I ended up uploading the fixed version.
This will be the final version of QMS. Please enjoy!
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