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Nightmares start over again

The trailer of Seven Mysteries Redux, a remake of the game, is now released. If you guys loved Seven Mysteries, you guys probably would love its remake. Now let's take a look.

Curious? Well learn more about it on rpgmaker.net: https://rpgmaker.net/games/9255/
Or on Seven Mysteries Redux fan page: http://facebook.com/sevenmysteriesredux


Seven Mysteries Redux

It's on RMN now guys, Seven Mysteries the remake version, check it out ;D

Game Design

Explosion, explosion and explosion!

A small scene in Seven Mysteries Redux. What do you guys thing about it? (♦ ε ♦ )
By the way, I think I'll create a new page for the remake version and publish it on RMN. I hope that's okay, because I don't think keep updating news about the remake version in original version page is a good idea, hahaha.


Seven Mysteries Redux.

As you guys know, or probably haven't known, the game is getting a remake. There's not much of screenshot to show for now but below here is the first 2 videos of the game. Seven Mysteries Redux will be available for Windows and Android.


Seven Mysteries is getting a remake with Chapter 8

Hi guys, it's been 3 years after I created Seven Mysteries. Today I'm so excited to tell you guys that the game is getting a remake and it will have another chapter. Below here is the only screenshot from the remake version so far. You can see that the character design and the map are changed. I wish I could tell you more but that's all I've got, hahaha. For more news about the remake, you guys can follow my Instagram or my Facebook. Thank you guys. ♥ :)

• Instagram: http://instagram.com/sanggameboy
• Facebook: http://facebook.com/sanggameboy


Guys, i'm making a new game

Hi everyone, i'm Lee Sang, the creator of Seven Mysteries. I want to announce you that i'm making a new RPG horror game called "Angel Key". The game will have some details related to Seven Mysteries (it explains what happened to the school, to the girl named Thuy, etc). So here's it, please take a look if you interested :)

► RMN page: http://rpgmaker.net/games/7880/

► Trailer:

► Angel Key's story:
Angel, who lives by himself, has obsession with solitude. He has no goals or purpose ahead of him and lacks that what an average human has. As time flows on changing everything, it seems to leave Angel alone until all the people in his small town mysteriously disappear. Even though he likes the silence and emptiness this brings, Angel knows he will be the one to set things right.


Seven Mysteries 1.06 has been released!

There won't be any rage when you play chapter 3. The battles are now easier to get passed.


Seven Mysteries - All Secrets

Well... Not really "All secrets" xD But whatever ~


Ib musics in Seven Mysteries?

I watched a lot of Seven Mysteries Let's Play videos on Youtube, and I saw a lot of comments about Ib musics too. But I will make everything clear now, just let you guys know why Ib musics are in my game.

Ib and Seven Mysteries were used some free musics from a free website called "Presence of Music". Here it is:


The songs in that website are totally free to use. And a lot of games use them. So please don't say Ib musics are in my game. I always think like I stole them when I read those comments.

And lately, you can see a Alice McGlee song in the chapter 4 opening. Yes, this was my fault. I didn't know that was from Alice McGlee, but I removed in 1.04 - 1.05 version, so it's okay now.
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