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Ib musics in Seven Mysteries?

I watched a lot of Seven Mysteries Let's Play videos on Youtube, and I saw a lot of comments about Ib musics too. But I will make everything clear now, just let you guys know why Ib musics are in my game.

Ib and Seven Mysteries were used some free musics from a free website called "Presence of Music". Here it is:


The songs in that website are totally free to use. And a lot of games use them. So please don't say Ib musics are in my game. I always think like I stole them when I read those comments.

And lately, you can see a Alice McGlee song in the chapter 4 opening. Yes, this was my fault. I didn't know that was from Alice McGlee, but I removed in 1.04 - 1.05 version, so it's okay now.