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Flare Let's Play, Seven Mysteries (3 Videos) - Let's Play Incomplete.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3 (Bad Ending):

Welcome to Seven Mysteries, a Vietnamese styled rpg maker horror game made in RPG Maker VX Ace by sanggameboy.

"The game is about groups of “special” students: The inquisitive, the mysterious, and the insane. Among them, there is one particular student who seems to be very interested in the school’s secrets. One by one, the forbidden knowledge unveils before his curiosity. But... when you know something, you will have to exchange something for it..."

Could seven mysteries mean seven let's play parts to this game? Unknown, but hope this video brings a taster of what to expect throughout the game. Another thing to note is that if the screenshots do not mean anything, then what in numbers name do we need to remember when it comes to the numbers? Observing thoroughly throughout every aspect of the game will give us that answer...hopefully!


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Oh no...
I really hope everyone will wait till the remake version is released instead of playing this old version. The remake version is better tho. But still, I'm very thankful that you're playing my game. :)
Tehe, why not both this one and the remake. :p
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