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Result of project Shifting Party by WombatRPGs, psy_wombats, quack_tape, Aulos, bob_esc, originally entered in GamingW 2-Week contest. Made in RM2K, standalone, CBS, CMS included.This is a full game, despite only being an hour to two hours long.

Note: This game's main flaw is taking itself too seriously. If you're fine with faux-dramatic, this is great. But that's about all. Not the greatest game ever made, but still worth a playthrough. Shortness is a virtue.

So, here's the premise:
In ancient times the four heroes slew the Dark Deity, who, according to legend, transformed into the Dark Gem, which remained unfound, and the one who wielded the Dark Gem would channel the deity's power. Anyway, this paved the road for the founding of the Empire of Light.

You play Siegfried, the stereotypical revenge-seeking parent-assassinated protagonist, living in Lower Regaldia, along with Aven as a cold, distant protector, and Magdalena as creepy sister. The cast is rounded out by Mulse, a stalwart companion, Loque, a resident of Upper Regaldia, and the passive-aggressive Loraine. Essentially a quest to find out the reason for a bunch of seemingly random deaths leads back on itself, involving Aven in a rivalry lasting centuries.

Battle system and menu system are all-new. It's inventory-based, with no experience and no level-ups. Stats are increased through item equipping. A variety of item attack styles are useful in different scenarios, though equipping them all reduces space available for armor and stat-boosters. That's the strategy. You are free to customize the characters. Time constraints prevent this from being fully developed. It's a plot-based game, to be honest. With more time, a wider variety of items would be added, creating a deeper strategy. It's a fairly easy game right now, with more length it would become more difficult.

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Took me one hour to play. Thanks for the game! Continue this. It's like playing a fantasy version of TBG with the inventory based system.
wait, one hour?! I thought this was a full game.
If you remember Sarevok's contest on GamingW, the object was to create a full game that took one hour to play, in under two weeks. So it's a bit of a compressed experience. The point to expanding it would be to make it a "full" game instead of a "complete" one.
Completed doesn't mean 'long'.
Is it me or the game freezes after the first cutscene
Nope, it does freeze after the very first cutscene.
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