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greetings from the void

  • Adon237
  • 06/10/2018 03:21 PM
hello! i barely show my face around here and have actually kept this game page hidden for a few months... but i would like to make known that i still work on this game on a regular basis. that being said, it still isn't within short reach of being released :(

i have been battling perfectionism and not-good-enough-ism in various aspects of my life and especially with my creative endeavors, and so during the off days that i do work on it i have been going back through to test things and make sure that i would be proud to release them to the world. so expect a few updates here and there as more things start to materialize!

::begin rant::

even though there are games that aren't polished or refined that don't attempt to break away from the rpg-maker style in any way that still have success on the community in spite of this, i myself don't want to play safe and let the project drop too far into the mediocrity typically associated with the engine. even if my hobbyist project never breaks outside the realm of RMN, i would want it to be seen as one of the higher quality games available, and so i work with the intention of making it true.

i continue to work with VX Ace in spite of MV's or generally superior game engines' existence because Ace is what I started this project with, and any sort of engine change would inevitably spell out doom for the project. i have already done enough to make the engine suitable for my game, it will be finished with this game engine.

i have been working on and off on diabolica for years and as i become more mature and competent, i realize that there is potential to release a decent project as my first completed game. as such, i hope that i will receive a lot of harsh feedback as i begin to show more aspects of the game, as i need the views of other people to put the game in the right direction. expect demo testing requests and the like!!

::end rant::


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I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
I have never matured... or gotten more competent. Good for you!
if i had an allowance, i would give it to rmn
I have never matured... or gotten more competent. Good for you!

more mature and competent! still have a long ways to go it's a never ending process innit
fyi, MV isn't a "step up" by any stretch. Don't feel like you you're leaving something out by not transitioning everything over to the shinier engine. Comparing the two is similar to when people were using 2k3 prolifically, and XP came out.
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