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I present to you: Advent!

This is my first full-length rpg and my first project that I feel is of a respectable quality. Here are some specs before I get on to the storyline:

25-30 hours of Gameplay!
Over 400 weapons, armors, and items!
Over 190 unique character skills and weapon unleashes!
15 classes (also equippable as subclasses)!
Several optional dungeons and bosses!
On-screen encounters!
Save anywhere!

Storyline: Cyrus and his comrades stumble upon an ancient tablet with prophecies on it. To their amazement, these prophecies were currently being fulfilled on their island of Nord. Cyrus and his friends must now find the remaining tablets and find out what the Creator of everything has in store for them. Amidst all this, a war rages between the
Kingdom of Havilah and Asharia. The people of Nord are unaware that as they fight, a much greater threat approaches.

As in my last game(Genesis), Advent also has a strong Biblical flavor. I trust that people will enjoy its uniqueness.


Game and storyline inspired by God and His Holy Bible (King James 1611)

RPG Maker VX Ace RTP - Enterbrain

RPG Maker VX Samurai Materials - Enterbrain

Tiles and Sprites - Mack

RPG Maker Arabian Nights Resource Pack - Lunarea

RPG Maker 3 Music Pack - Enterbrain

Scripts - Yanfly (46 scripts)
Kread-EX (2 scripts)

Storyline - Vitaliy7777

Mapping, Database, and Gameplay - Vitaliy7777

Notable Beta-Tester - Liza

Note: The game used to be on Steam but, I'm making it free because I just want people to play my games and the little money I made off Steam is just not worth the effort. I'm simply not producing popular enough games for that. Hope you enjoy it.

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  • 07/09/2013 04:42 AM
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  • 05/28/2013
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I have to say I am liking the game so far but.......
I really dont like the glitchy way they walk, it is irritating to the eyes
In some areas you can dash while in town while in other parts you cannot. I wish it was consistent.
Most paths are obvious, many are not which is fine for exploration but if youre trying to remember which path goes where when you are trying to get back to a specific location, it gets pretty confusing. After the big group fight I hope monsters start leaving more or better items and/or gold,its a long hard slog to buy equipment, etc.
At this point of the game, Brahms is useless and dies all the time which means using potions constantly to keep his little pink rogue ass alive. He better man up soon or I am going to strip him of weapons and armor and let him fight like the little bitch he seems to be. He is level 4 or 5 and his special skill is useless just like he is.
I am trying to kill enough ogres to get that dagger but after one or two fights at most , its a long slog back to town to the inn and then more potions. Then I stay outside town and kill bears for a while to get bear fur to buy potions then back to the ogres. It isnt so much fun as it is a chore to do in order to accomplish something which shouldnt take so long.
I am sticking with it though to see if it gets more fun.
I never figured out what caused the walking speed in the early parts of the game. It is a consistent speed after the first 2-3 dungeons though.

Did you try improving your equipment? There's a shop in that first section when you get Brahms and Ivan. The armor should greatly reduce the damage you take.

Getting the dagger is optional so it's not exactly supposed to be easy. It'd be a lot easier once you got all your characters. You can also buy that dagger but, it's "cheaper" to get it from the guy.
Yup. Ive got the best the game has to offer at the moment. Maybe I am just unlucky.
Am I missing it or is there no way to know your current SP? The only way to keep up with it is if you look at skills to learn, which of course DOES tell you but it seems there should be an indicator just like you do the other stats.
I think maybe an overall map would help. I get lost with all the twists and turns. I like the little house where you can rest for free but if I try to find my way back to either the guy with special dagger OR where the girls are waiting for my guys to come help....I cant find them unless I stumble upon them.
Maybe one general map of each areas as the game goes along. Once again a simple map would solve this and I can continue. If someone doesnt want to view it they need not look at it. But for those like me who get frustrated with too many twists and turns, WE can use it and be happy campers!
I know this sounds like whining but I do like the game.
No...you're not missing it. There really is no way to tell your current SP unless you have enough to learn a skill. The base script didn't come with it and I never had it modified to show it.

The map is a good idea. Not sure if I'll be doing much to fix up this game but, they're still good ideas for Advent II. I'm actually thinking it'll be a trilogy when it's done.
ok. When do you imagine II will come out? The getting lost is too aggravating.
I have a dungeon crawler that I'm working on (although I haven't touched it in close to a month. Although, it is mostly done.) After that, I was going to start working on Advent II. It'll be a while before it's done unless game design becomes a full-time job for me.

I'm still waiting for this to get on Aldorlea and Amaranth. Hoping to see some sales.

P.S. You'd make a good beta-tester. I could've used such input a month or two ago. lol.
Keep me in mind for your next venture then.
Oh, Oh my God.
THIS is what I wanted! Finally a RPG maker game that is not full of bad commentary about God! This is the contrast to these games I was looking for! Thank you SO MUCH!
I'm really gonna enjoy this.
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Isn't there also a game like this on Steam? The characters look pretty much the same, and the titles are the same aswell. I'm guessing this is that game being uploaded for free?
The game was removed from being sold on Steam by me, the creator. I'd have it up on Steam for free but, I don't think they would let me since it was a commercial game before.
Does anyone still advise on this game?
Im at the mines that is being guarded and the guard acknowledged I have a pass to to be safe but will not get out of the way so I can go in????
Game has been re-released on Steam... it's a lot easier now. It's still free.
not easy enough apparently... my records say i dropped it
hello, the game is enjoyable
can you make a guide please?
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