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== AMOK - Fight in the arena ==
Story: You are in a fighting arena and must fight a robot, until you are calmed down

This is a very small game that I made years years ago.
just want to share it with you.
Hope you enjoy^^
Beware, its german. But the text isnt important XD
just select start, click the text away and go.

1: left fist
2: right fist
3-5 or 6: more attacks

you can also attack with the arrow keys.

Beware of the Lasers from the robot. When his eyes start to glow, you can raise up your shield with SPACE. Timing is important here.

have fun :)

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It keeps crashing on me. And hah, I can read that German!

This isn't much at first glance, but it lookks fairly nice for a punchgame. The robot-resurrection is a nice touch - now I just need to actually beat some crap out of that robot.
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