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A war has broken out- leaving the Kingdom of Tal in a delicate state. Zikon, the ruler of a nearby Kingdom, Gyot, has sent his troops to rage war against Tal in hopes to conquer the Troshine Alps where the kingdom's most valuable treasures are buried beneath the ground. However, within this external war, an internal war has broken out of the planet's very surface. Criminals are escaping Tal's District 5 with hopes to help the ancient civilization of Zrunez escape their underground prisons and take back the land which was originally theirs.

The rebellious prince of Tal, Samuel and his loyal knight (and best-friend), Silver, take off on journey of curiosity as they explore the Kingdom's awful truths. They befriend a group of "criminals" including an anthropologist named Shavon, an artifact thief named Mikael, and an inventor named Trazole. After a horribly planned outing which ends in disaster, Silver finds himself fighting to keep his knight status and in the midst accidentally summons an ancient from the prisons below. This leads him to the dungeon where he meets once again with this group of criminals. They help lead him on a life-changing journey which will open his eyes to the world and strengthen his will to make a change- within the Kingdom and within himself.

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I'm a dog pirate
Some of the maps look quite solid, but others could stand for some more details. Not a bad start though!
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