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Game Design

This game is a mess

I haven't been into game design for a very long time, but every now and then I need to indulge in what I call "brain candy," which allows me to still be creative but provides a break from other stuff I'm working on in my everyday life.

I want to try to finish this. I'm not going to put pressure on myself to create this grandiose gaming experience. There's way too much competition. I just want to tell a story about how power corrupts.

What this means for the game:

> It probably won't be very long.
> The writer will be tighter (I've learned quite a bit about the craft since I started this game in like...2011????)
> Combat will be more varied, require actual strategy beyond "get the enemy's HP to 0"
> Very very few dungeons. I'm taking a page from Yakuza 7 and limiting actual dungeons to 4 or 5, with the bulk of fighting being bosses or thugs/demons that you encounter on the streets.
> I'm going to spend time fixing some of the pictures, making things more consistent.

Sooner than later, I hope to have screenshots/videos of Vanity's facelift and maybe a demo of the changes...


Missing "WoodsB" Picture

Some of you may not experience this, but there was an obscure scene in the game where I forgot to delete the command that calls for "WoodsB". To be on the safe side, copy the picture in this folder and paste it into the game's picture folder:


Sorry for the trouble y'all.


Pointless Blog Update

So I'm still test playing. I do a little bit w/e I can. Since this is kind of an old game, naturally, there were a looooooooooooooooot things that needed to be changed, which of course meant a greater loss of time. ;]

That said, I'm getting closer to the end, so I hope to have the extended demo finished within two weeks. Although working on it is kind of a drag, I know I'm going to be really happy with the final product. I really do feel that this game will have my best writing ever in an RM game. Not that the bar was set very high, but still. I'm quite pleased with myself it so far.

And so this won't be a total bore, here's an outdated buggy video of a scene that will be in demo#2! I haven't gotten a chance to test play that part a second time yet so this will just have to do for now dwi.

Ok so that was pretty old and shit-tastic, but it won't be on the extended version. ^_~

Other minor changes that were made that I may or may not have already mentioned:
- The narration has been dramatically reduced
- Some spells received a much needed makeover
- Same goes for some of the battle sprites
- Improved dialogue
- Plotholes filled


Extended demo coming soon


I've been swamped with a bunch of other stuff, so I haven't really been using RPGM much lately, but I've been still working on stuff here and there.

I picked Vanity back up for the first time since..........................May, I think (and I only did a village then), thanks to some encouraging messages over the past year. Thus, I now feel compelled to finish it. I'm over halfway through, so if all goes well, I hope to have it done by the end of this year, if I work on it a little each day.

But until then, I want to put out an extended demo to replace the old demo. I feel kind of ashamed of it, to be honest, and I want to show how much the game has *grown* since then.

Some stuff about the new demo:
- It's twice as long (the original demo wasn't that long, don't worry)
- You get to actually choose your pathways
- Balance issues will be fixed
- Plot-holes/dialogue issues addressed
- I changed the way some of the pictures were presented to give them a slightly more...'unified' look, if you will.
- There will be a 'chart' that you can access from your menu screen that will explain the strengths and weaknesses of each element (since the game doesn't use traditional elements like "fire, water...etc".
- A new title screen

And of course, the mainstays:
- Colored arrows to direct you to your next destination (in addition to hints)
- When backtracking you can skip battles - meaning you won't have to free from the same enemies over and over

...And a bunch of other stuff. Since it's still a demo, it probably won't be *that* polished, BUT hopefully it will be better than it was before.

Night all (or good morning...?!)

- Yeaster

PS: The file size maybe over a 100, but it shouldn't get any larger than that by the time the game is done.


Oh my God, I haven't touched this game since April

And I completely forgot it used to be called "Satan's Wish." I'm slackin'.

Anyway, this is a small update just to say that I've started working on this bit (all of ten minutes ago). I've been working on Complete Chaos almost exclusively on my lap top, but that game will soon approach it's end about another month or so. Nonetheless, whenever I'm on my desktop doing nothing, I figured it would probably be a good idea to do something productive and work on this! So that way I don't get too far behind on any of my games. The games will be released to several different websites, but may take a while to get here because I don't want to release them too close together.

Current status: The game has officially branched off into three different sections. The Head Palace and the State Building scenarios have finally been completed, and now I can moooove oooooon........

Right now, I'm trying to decide how to finally bring Azazel into the picture. Right now, I got nothin', but I'm sure that will change come tomorrow.

Anyway, Vanity is about halfway done, maybe a little more. It'll be interesting to see which game comes out first, between this and MMZ, since neither game is very difficult or time-consuming to make (I don't know what's holding Complete Chaos up!!). MMZ will more than likely come first, since it:

A) Will be shorter
B) Won't have three entirely different storylines rolled in one

That's it for this update. Stay tuned!

- Adrian Clyde -


DEMO 2.0 in the works?

Okay, so I'm sitting here, bored as hell at work, browsing online...and I'm thinking...should I release another demo? A pretty good sizable portion of the game has been released, and the old demo is a little outdated. I'll see what happens when I get home, but I may decide to put one out just for the hell of it. It wouldn't hurt.

- Joseph Clyde


Should I drop "Satan's Wish?"

...And just keep the game's title "VANITY?" I've just started to think about it.

Both titles make sense concerned the game's plot...but I'm thinking "Vanity" on its own sounds a lot better...but is it too vague?

What do you think?

- Joseph Clyde -



These was an error in the third dungeon that prevented you from going further. All it took was a simple variable swap to fix it...but yeah.

Anyway, both the Main Game Folder and the Complete Game files have been updated with the error fixed (hopefully).

So yeah, if you need to, just re-download the file and continue on with your game from there. :)

Sorry for the troubles. Gotta love unfinished games. :p

- Joseph Clyde -


New Dungeon and story paths

Hey all. I've just started preparing to do the next dungeon, and the last one with a fixed party. After this place, the characters who most identify with your cause will be the ones who will join your party, and the ones who do not will become your enemies. The NEUTRAL characters won't be a foe or an ally, but you probably won't see much of them unless you're Neutral yourself.

After this dungeon, the story will branch off in three ways, and I'm very excited to get that point. As if it wasn't already obvious, this game is pretty much one big experiment for me. Hopefully it'll pay off, huh? :D

- Joseph Clyde




The first download has everything included, but incase people find the download size too large, it's been split up into smaller chunks. I hope that helps.
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