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This game is a mess

  • Yeaster
  • 11/14/2021 10:25 PM
I haven't been into game design for a very long time, but every now and then I need to indulge in what I call "brain candy," which allows me to still be creative but provides a break from other stuff I'm working on in my everyday life.

I want to try to finish this. I'm not going to put pressure on myself to create this grandiose gaming experience. There's way too much competition. I just want to tell a story about how power corrupts.

What this means for the game:

> It probably won't be very long.
> The writer will be tighter (I've learned quite a bit about the craft since I started this game in like...2011????)
> Combat will be more varied, require actual strategy beyond "get the enemy's HP to 0"
> Very very few dungeons. I'm taking a page from Yakuza 7 and limiting actual dungeons to 4 or 5, with the bulk of fighting being bosses or thugs/demons that you encounter on the streets.
> I'm going to spend time fixing some of the pictures, making things more consistent.

Sooner than later, I hope to have screenshots/videos of Vanity's facelift and maybe a demo of the changes...


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Really? REALLY???
I'm waiting for this!

Don't worry for making a short game with few dungeons, if the story is cool (as the other rm2k3 games before this one) it'll be a fun experience. Looking forward this one.
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