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Pointless Blog Update

  • Yeaster
  • 02/14/2011 09:40 PM
So I'm still test playing. I do a little bit w/e I can. Since this is kind of an old game, naturally, there were a looooooooooooooooot things that needed to be changed, which of course meant a greater loss of time. ;]

That said, I'm getting closer to the end, so I hope to have the extended demo finished within two weeks. Although working on it is kind of a drag, I know I'm going to be really happy with the final product. I really do feel that this game will have my best writing ever in an RM game. Not that the bar was set very high, but still. I'm quite pleased with myself it so far.

And so this won't be a total bore, here's an outdated buggy video of a scene that will be in demo#2! I haven't gotten a chance to test play that part a second time yet so this will just have to do for now dwi.

Ok so that was pretty old and shit-tastic, but it won't be on the extended version. ^_~

Other minor changes that were made that I may or may not have already mentioned:
- The narration has been dramatically reduced
- Some spells received a much needed makeover
- Same goes for some of the battle sprites
- Improved dialogue
- Plotholes filled