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*Two and a half hours of gameplay.
*Tactical, challenging battles.
*Engaging story.
*Skill system that allows you to buy skills.
*Skill mixing system.
*Two seperate endings.


When The Citadel appeared one day and when it did, monsters from all over the land began to increase in numbers and aggresion. Monsters formed togeather to make bands that burned crops and pillaged towns. Mankind blamed this anomaly on the Citadel. For decades they assaulted the great Citadel but only the land around it was marked. Legions of men would march inside, small bands of theives would sneak in, all to never return. Soon, the armies of men returned their attention to each other, to war between themselves and ignored the problem of the Citadel... you awaken to play as Hamlen a warrior who has no memory of how he arrived in The Citadel. Bewildered, Hamlen tries to find his way out of the Citadel to saftey, a plan that proves to be far more complicated than it sounds...


Hamlen: Although he remembers little Hamlen managed to recall his name, and how to fight. Hamlen is a Soul Warrior, a fighter who also uses magic to enchance his skills in the heat of battle.

Tess: The fiery, blue haired beauty known as Tess is quick to anger but keeps her lips sealed tight on the reasons behind her presence in the Citadel and quickly finds herself indebted to Hamlen and decides to repay him by helping him in escaping the Citadel.

Montague: Monty is a well known and infamous bounty hunter contracted to infiltrate the Citadel. Montague is narcissistic and displays an amoral disposition towards most things.

What I'm trying to achieve:
With the Citadel I wanted to make a short story of a game with challening combat and a surreal maybe even lovecraftian story. I think I man aged to achieve these goals and I'm rather happy with the result.


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Hey itls, this game looks really interesting but it's marked as completed and I don't think there's a download posted. Definitely subscribing though.
Yeah, there isn't a download available. Hmm. Looks interesting, though.
can't get through crypt when it ask the question help thanks
Alright, I'm going to start off by saying this game has tons of potential! Like, the concept seems really intriguing, and your maps are pretty competent. However, There are a few big issues that kind of made me stop playing before I wanted to...

The difficulty, man! I know you want this to be a hard game, but multiple random battles are almost impossible to survive without running back to heal. The enemies hit pretty hard, but whats worse is how much HP they have. And, I really don't like how the healing item causes your character to stop for two turns. It's the only way to heal in that point of the game, but using it means you just get whaled on some more, almost defeating the purpose. And I couldn't buy any extras. The skills I had were hardly useful, either. Why give the player a skill that draws enemy attacks when there aren't even any more party members yet? I really think you should tone down on the difficulty at the beginning a bit. I had to stop because I ventured too far from the free heal, but didn't have enough items to survive the trek back. Oh, and the smoke bombs seemed to be broken? Nothing happened when I used it.

Also, I think you should really put more care into your writing, grammar and punctuation wise. Seriously, misspelling "I've" two times, and in two different ways in the very first line of dialogue made me think this game would be a joke game, but it seems to have a rather serious tone. Seeing punctuation errors in so many places really takes me out of the experience.

I did like the atmosphere you were going for, though. And the spike room was really annoying, until I saw the footprints(Still, instant game over is a pretty dick move). Obviously you've already completed the game, so you probably don't want to go back to it just to accommodate me, but I'd probably be hooked to this if I could actually play it without being curb stomped by it. ;w; jus' sayin'
agree with yoshi's comment above me. Early game is extremely poor, intro was pretty nice but once the game starts it's pretty rediculous. Single character facing mobs with powerful abilities like Def up and stun while all you have is some useless taunt spell. Your DPS is too low to be facing mobs of 2 with skills like def up. Also the game froze because I suspect the active battle system you used has bad scripting, pretty sure I've seen it in other games too. I might keep playing but it looks like the beginning of the game is going to be a huge slog.

Had to grind to level 2 by getting lucky... some mobs are literally impossible to kill at level 1. Decided to beeline as far as possible and stumbled into the first boss. Somehow managed to beat him, but had to spam defend while he had def up since I literally do no damage to him at that point... not sure you want a game to be this difficult right out of the gate. This is a pretty hardcore RPG.
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