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Based on a true story, 'Nine Mile Ride' tells the tale of Paul, an eighteen year old boy living in the south east of England. Paul whiles away his time in Crowthorne Wood with his best friend, Harry, talking about dead rabbits and cigarettes and Angelina Jolie and whatever else comes to mind. Then Harry dies. And Paul, unaccustomed to loss, decides to make one grand, final gesture to say goodbye.

A tragedy with comedic elements, 'Nine Mile Ride' features a modern, realistic setting and basic soundtrack.

This is a visual novel in its most basic sense: there is no gameplay, no choices, it's just one story with one end. The graphics and music serve to supplement the story, but the focus is on the words.

Runtime is approximately fifteen minutes.

Download does not include XP RTP.

You can read an external review here: http://www.wheretoplayfreegames.com/2013/07/nine-mile-ride.html

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I really thought absolutely no one would download this, seeing as you don't actually... play anything... but so far 197 of you have, and I just want to say thanks, and it's really nice. It was a story I wanted to share, and I appreciate the people that take the time to try it out.

Hella surprised, sir. Hella surprised.
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  • _echo_
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  • Visual Novel
  • 07/20/2013 02:18 PM
  • 10/31/2014 12:32 AM
  • 07/18/2013
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There was a script bug in the first version of this that only reared its ugly head about 30% of the time, but I think I got rid of it. Let me know if any major problems pop up.

Also, I really expected no one to download this. So... thanks. It's nice.
You the practice of self-promotion
I actually tried this today with no problems. Will be submitting a review soon.
Thanks dude, appreciate the feedback.
Pink, the color of Liberty.
Curious. So curious. I will download this then edit this post to let you know what I think.

EDIT: Interesting storyline. Be weird if someone actually started a forest fire just for a dead friend.
Thank you! Someone really did burn down the forest that May, but it wasn't me.


No, it really wasn't.
Great story, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Oh, and I recorded it and uploaded my narration to YouTube. I tried my best to match the emotion of the story. Anyway, here's the video if you'd like to have a look.

Thanks, that's awesome! I really like the way you read it, it kept the emotion in it.
Re. the issues with the music, I really don't think I'm going to update that. I was never entirely certain about having it in there anyway, and I don't think it's really necessary. That's not just laziness on my part; this is very special to me, but it was also a soul-destroyingly depressing experience, and I'm content to leave it the way it is. Unless anyone has major issues with that, it'll stay music-less.
Either this is a massive coincidence, or you're the guy who mentioned making a visual novel in my block here. Crowthorne, Sean Farris? Sorry if I'm wrong, it just seems way too weird.

Also this is really good!
Well... hello neighbour... isn't this creepy... PM me or something, seeing as you know him it's better not to openly discuss it, amiright?
IT'S MY BIRTHDAY. Also updating the music for this, so it should actually work soon. I had nothing else to do.
You the practice of self-promotion
Belated B-day, echo! Getting the music for it ought to have been the icing on the cake (figuratively speaking).
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