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The follow up adventure to last year's Dragon Warrior Classic, the sequel Dragon Warrior Classic 2 is a fan game dedicated to praise the glory days of Dragon Quest on the original Nintendo Entertainment System. Modeled after the 1990's release of Dragon Warrior 2, this game continues the story of the ancient and deceased race of the Wizards.


200 years ago: The monarch and savior of the Kingdom of Lockhart, the only human kingdom in the mythical land of Tirhudol, using the power of the Divine Sceptre, made a prophecy.

This prophecy states that a long lost Goddess will soon be resurrected in the form of a human child, and that this child would bring the rebirth of the magical Wizard-kind and bring lasting peace to the world.

Upon hearing this prophecy, the evil being Urekrol, vowed to find this child, and to harness the power of the resurrected Goddess to enslave all life.

(Haven't played Dragon Warrior Classic 1 yet? Check it out here: Dragon Warrior Classic)


Latest Blog

Maps FINALLY Added to Website

Two years too late, but I have FINALLY added all maps to the DWC2 website.

DWC2 - Maps
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Looking to play this but when I hit the D/L it takes me to where it seems I need to D/L from and the two options seem to be telling me I need to buy something or at least subscribe. Where is the simple Hey D/L the game here and get to rockin'.

By the way about how long is this demo?
It should bring you straight to the media fire download:
Your text to link here...

If there are any advertisements, just click out of them or find the buttons that say No Thanks and try to find your way to the download. Media Fire has been adding a lot of ads lately and it makes me made.

If you're still having issues let me know and we'll work on getting it to you.

Then demo is about two hours long.
Just my opinion: It's interesting that systems close to the original NES ones can be featured here in VX, but I don't think it's a good idea to replicate their flaws as well... The menu-based actions are impractical, the overall speed is slow, the dialog box is about twice as big as it needs to be, etc.

If you're aiming to create a retro DQ-like experience it's fine, but if you want more players I think you should modernize the systems.
Hmmmm maybe after what Avee says maybe I will wait to see what new d/l comes up.
Just host it here on RMN. Mediafire and just about all file sharing sites are crap.
Just host it here on RMN. Mediafire and just about all file sharing sites are crap.

I dont recall from the original but how and where do you save?
Also by the time you hit talk, the person has moved on and no one is there now. You end up chasing them down and usually they have nothing to say anyway.
Kings at all the castles save your quest.

I'm working on that. Figuring out a way to have the menu freeze all the people.
I am beginning to remember some of the irritating aspects of DW. The low money/item drops. The HIGH cost of Priest services e.g. revive=100. Only the King saves, which hinders too much exploration at first since you die so easily.
A map would be very helpful...maybe theres one the images , but one would be very good. An explanation of certain items....if you dont know what fairy water does and you use it amd nothing happens, youve lost it.
Caves can be very tricky since they meander all over the place and you get a lot of encounters. Mixed with no place to save and as of yet, no heal spots, if there are any...makes it difficult and not fun after the first ten turns into nowhere.
Fortunately it seems you can run from the majority of enemies, but that will change in coming levele where they are quicker, etc.
BUT....it is what it is...Dragon Warrior with all its flaws and pimples. But I think some beneficial changes would be great and still keep it true to its origins.
One thing is confusion in buying something. It will ask who gets the item but doesnt give any info that is helpful. For example it asks who will get the sickle but apparently our hero cant equip it but the Princess can.
Equipping weapons/armor is tricky and a bit confusing.
Probably a small walkthrough with simple basics would help.
I walked all the way east and came to the end of the demo but am not exactly sure what I am supposed to have accomplished yet. I realize its just the demo.
Hopefully whatever I save will be transferrable?
How do you input 8 bit graphics into RPG Maker VX?(including characters, menu screen,ect.)
Basically everything is doubled in size (which is why it is pixelated). The tiles in For example, RPG Maker are 32x32 pixels. Simply make 16x16 tiles and increase their size by 100%. Do that with any graphics you make.
Is this even 'Completed'? Because I don't see a 'Completed' on it & Target Completion Date says N/A.
It is still in progress. The download added is for the 2nd Demo.
Is it completed now?

Please to report, it has begun final testing!
Yay! It's out! I may just do a LP of this soon.
Yay! It's out! I may just do a LP of this soon.

If you do, feel free to post the link. I'd love to watch your progress!
I'm currently playing and enjoying the game. Now that I've gained access to the ship, this might be a good time to post some of the (potential) issues I encountered so far. Forgive me in case I can't differentiate between actual bugs and mere annoyances you implemented on purpose to contribute to this particular kind of Dragon Warrior old-school charm.

I don't know if it's intended, but if the player can't open a treasure chest because the party members can't carry more items, he/she won't even be able to open a treasure chest that only contains Gold. Isn't this odd, since money doesn't occupy an item slot?

The priest's detoxification fee (25 Gold) seems pretty high, considering that antidotes only cost 8 Gold. On the other hand, the priest offers an alternative in case all party members can't carry any more items and none of them carries an antidote.

The ship's handling is a bit glitched. When docking the ship, the tile on which the ship resides can be walked over. If the party reenters the ship, the ship can be steered into the previous docking tile or into the tile from which the party entered the ship. Doing this two times towards the hinterlands means that the ship gets stuck on the continent. Fortunately, it's possible to unstuck the ship using the same method.

Hollpatent: When talking to the innkeeper and choosing "No", he replies: "Farewell, stranger.", which is weird, since the protagonist lived at least for ten years in this village. The same applies to the innkeeper in Chatiemac, who obviously doesn't recognize Celeste (the king's daughter), and to the innkeeper in Boreen with regard to Cooper (the mayor's son).

Is it intended that the party can fight land-bound monsters (e.g. Red Soldiers) on sea if a fight is triggered the moment the party enters the ship?

That's it for the time being. By the way: I really hope the game features an airship later on.
1) If you're unable to get a treasure chest that simply has gold because of a full inventory, then unfortunately that is a chest that I forgot to take out the inventory branch. Feel free let me know the location(s) of any gold chests where you encounter that error.

2) The original game had as increasing detoxification price by priests as well, where antidote herbs were preferable. I tried to recreate this. But the Princess can cast Antidote which is another (free) option.

3) The ship glitch is something I have been unable to fix, but at least it's not game breaking.

4) All innkeepers have the same dialogue. Throwback to the original game where similar situations apply.

5) The assigning of monsters in RPGM VX is a NIGHTMARE. I've accepted the fact that there will be cross over of land monsters in the sea. That particularly doesn't bother me as in the original game, you will also encounter land monsters when up against coastline. An accidental nod to the source.

6) I don't want you to be disappointed, but no air flight in this game. Next game though ;)
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