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A Parody RPG that's Filled with Great Interactivity

Some things to say before I begin: I did not finish the game, but I played enough to have a good idea of what kind of a game Take Down Legacy Part 1 is like. The version I played is most probably the original version rather than the remix.

When I'm given this game to review and I first tried it, I must say, it was a challenge for me because a parody game like this is not my cup of tea. I'm more into RPGs with serious storylines. Nonetheless, I went ahead, and here are my findings.

The biggest selling point of this game is definitely the immense interactivity among characters and NPCs. Most of the dialogues are funny, engaging, and never fail to be exciting. The game, from what I see, is also somewhat non-linear, making players the freedom to do whichever he or she wants to first.

Next is definitely the catchy and fun-filled music. It definitely fits in well with the non-seriousness of the game.

In terms of plot though, I wouldn't say it's great. The game starts off with a historian known as Omochao who is investigating relics as he delves into the past and eventually ends up as Megaman.exe and gets stuck as him as he tries to get back to present. There isn't a clear and concise flow in the story. The plot pretty much doesn't make sense at times, but it's still engagingly interesting, with all the dialogues and such.

For the title screen, I find it could hav been better done instead of just putting a blank title screen with no title. As for the intro, I don't like the fact that the intro texts are in different colors (for what reason?) It would have been better if the colors are consistent. And when the title appears, it, well, doesn't blend in well with the background, once again, I suppose, due to inconsistent colors.

I like the fact that the game starts with simple tutorials without too much depth, and that all the help is from the "Help Chao" (haha) so it gives players the option of whether to read the help tutorials or not.

Now, for the battle system, well, there's nothing much I can say about it, since it uses the default RPG Maker 2003 battle system. Battles are your typical battles in a typical RPG. So there isn't anything interesting in the battles, though the boss battles are certainly challenging and interesting in a decent way.

Next, the quests. As mentioned earlier, I like the vast non-linearity of the quests and side quests, and as such, I like the fact that players don't have to follow the game in an orderly fashion and actually has the freedom to do what he or she wants (once the game actually kicks in full swing). There are certain quests though which can get pretty frustrating and repetitive, most notably the little boy quest. That's pretty much minor though :)

All in all, this is a great parody RPG that's filled with immense interactivity and non-linearity. A great game where gives players the freedom to perform quests and such, earn rewards, listen to comments and jokes from numerous NPCs and others. This is indeed a very engaging game, I must say. It's a game I would rate 3.5/5. It's a game I highly recommend to those who firstly don't mind parodies (there's Megaman, main char of FF8 and the queen of the Super Mario world) and secondly don't mind the plot that doesn't make a lot of sense but funnily engaging.